Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kamen Rider Super-1 Episode 04, v2!

And with this episode, we're done with our v2 releases for Kamen Rider Super-1!  From now on, any releases will be all new episodes.  And we already have one in store for you!

In this episode, Kazuya meets his old friend, Ismael Grabada.  The two of them went to college together in the United States.  They were classmates, and best friends.  Oh, and Ismael just happens to be a prince.  Because why not.  But MechaMantis has other plans for Prince Ismael, and his wedding day turns into some good old fashion Dogma shenanigans before you know it!

Super-1 episode 4(v2):

All right, now that these are out of the way, it's time to move on to new episodes.  I know you've all been waiting a long time for more Super-1, and we're very happy to be able to bring it to you!
But before that, come back this week for another episode of Skyrider!  And then starting next week, we'll be back to our normal once-a-week release schedule.
Thanks for watching!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 22!

We're back with another episode! Consider this a celebration of getting over 1,000 fans on our facebook page.  You guys are the best!  Thanks for watching.
In this episode, Skyrider faces off against an Abominable Snowman on a mission to kidnap a little girl that will somehow help him freeze Tokyo...  Of course, this makes sense in context, but it sure is wacky.  And for such a comedic episode, this one gets a little GRUESOME at times!  I know I found myself looking on in awe a few times...  a show for babies, indeed.
Also, we get to see Hiroshi's bike transform into Sky Turbo for the first time in the series (I think...) and an all new special attack!  Come for the exciting Rider action, stay for the saran-wrap ice effects!

Skyrider episode 22:

Oddly enough, next episode features two Flying Squirrel monster, and it's episode 23 of Skyrider.  We just released episode 23 of Kamen Rider... featuring a Flying Squirrel!  OH, and there's a special guest star next episode... I wonder who it could be?  I guess it's a secret.

We're not done yet, this week.  Come back soon for Super-1 episode 4v2!  And as always, thanks for watching.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 23!

Well, that was longer than I expected!  Sorry for the delay, everybody.  Last week was rough for me.  But the rest of the team is as hard working as ever, and we have another episode for you!
In this episode, we go from location to location with Ichimonji, Taki, and the rest of the crew.  Shocker decides to mess up Taki, Yuri, and Goro's day-cation with a flying squirrel from hell!  What does he want with this experimental new fuel?  Experimental new fuel?!  It costs me forty dollars a week to fill my junky car up, and these guys are just throwing it around like it's nothing.  MAN...

Kamen Rider episode 23:

So to make up for the delay of this week's episode, and the missing release from last week, we're releasing THREE new episodes this week!  Check back soon for Skyrider episode 22, and after that for Super-1 4v2.  That's the least I can do for our amazing fans.  As of this post we have 998 members on our facebook page... only two more until we're at 1,000!  You guys are the best.

Check the forums for Kou's edit of this script.  It's loaded with information, and incredibly informative about the translating process.  And it has some great cultural information.
You can also read up on what happened last week to cause the release delay.  It was a personal matter, nothing to clutter the blog up with.  But if you're curious, it's there.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kamen Rider Super-1 Episode 03, v2!

Finally moving forward with our Super-1 v2s, and bringing us one step closer to a new release, it's our version 2 release of episode 3!

In this episode, Kazuya uncovered a Dogma plot of pure opulence:  Building a city out of solid gold!  Why?  Because why not.  Can Kazuya stop Electopus and Blue Demon from stealing all of the gold in Death Valley?  And more importantly, can he concentrate on his Kung Fu with Choro's incessant whining in his ear?

Super-1 episode 03(v2):

Did anyone else think that Blue Demon looked familiar?  I did!  So I went and checked, and he's been in a few other Kamen Rider series.  Mostly playing villains.  The actor's name is Shinkai Jobu, and he got his start playing an extra in an episode of Kikaider.  He was also an extra in an episode of Kamen Rider V3, and a teacher in Ultraman Taro.  And he was Fire Draco in an episode of Ultraman 80.  But his most recognizable Tokusatsu role (to KITsubs fans, anyway) would be WolfMan, from episode 19 of Skyrider!  He was credited as "The man in the trench coat."  He's still alive, and he was active in TV as recently as 2005, in a show called "Party" on TBS.  His bio says that he's known as having "the natural face of a villain" in TV, but a heart of a good friend behind the scenes.  Very cool stuff!

Episode 04v2 will be coming very soon, and then we can FINALLY expect episode 05 after that.  Also, if you check our status bar on the side, we've got plenty more Skyrider and Kamen Rider lined up for you guys.  Thanks for watching, as always!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 22!

Another great character building episode for Ichimonji, as he faces off against Shocker's monster from beneath the sea!  Shocker has a plot that has... something to do with the ocean.  I think it was just an excuse for a beach episode.  And man, what a beach episode it is.  Groovy 70's ladies all over the place!
We also see Mari jealous over Taki's FBI partner.  Yet everybody seems to have forgotten about Taki's wife!  Even Taki...

And there's also a machete knife fight, where Ichimonji gets medieval on a bunch of Shocker Grunts!

Kamen Rider episode 22:

This week, we've got some trivia about the episode from our main translator on this project, Sky79!
This monster is voiced by Shun Yashiro. He voiced monsters in Kamen Rider, V3, X, Amazon, Stronger, Skyrider, Super-1 ... so complete 70's (and Super-1). He died in 06/2003... 70 years old. He's known as voice of Winnie the Pooh (in Japan.)
The young girl is Hiroko Saito.  We'll meet her again in ep. 55. She played in other Rider's series too. And I found her in "Barom one" from 1972. With her, one of the main character played Takano Hiroyuki - who also played in Kamen Rider in ep. 18 (starfish monster :D ) the young boy Masaru. In 2002 he narrated the anime version.
I do love episode trivia.  If anybody has any more info on any other releases, feel free to drop us a line!  We'll be sure to credit you on the front page, along with your submission.
Sorry we missed our release last week.  I (Jeeg) was feeling under the weather, so I decided to take a week off to recuperate.  But now I'm feeling much better, and we're back on track with our regularly scheduled releases.  And we're still releasing Super-1, as soon as the episodes are finished.  Expect the next V2 release to come very soon.  Thanks for watching!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kamen Rider Super-1 Episode 02, v2!

Part 2 of Kazuya Oki's origin as Kamen Rider Super-1.  The deadly Saruwatari is running around Tokyo, smashing up Dojos and picking on be-hatted Motorcycle Shop Oweners.  But Kazuya can't transform into Super-1.  What he needs... is the power of Kung-Fu!  Can he unlock the secrets of The Sincere Shaolin Fist in time?!

Super-1 episode 02 (v2):

Last episode we met one of my favorite characters from any show we've done, Professor Henry.  He really makes an impact for such a short lived character, with his exaggerated hand gestures, and his unique line delivery.  He's a German-born, half Swedish and half Japanese actor named Wolf Otsuki (Real name, Wolf Georgi.  That's right, the WOLF part isn't even a stage name!)

He's been in a few Tokusatsu series, most notably of which is Daitetsujin 17, where he plays an evil professor, and in Kamen Rider Stronger, where he plays King Khazar.  A Middle Eastern royalty that speaks English played by a half Japanese half Swedish actor born in Germany.  Yes.  That is as fantastic as it sounds.

He's still active today, having starred recently in a variety show, and a high school drama.  He's also a frequent stage performer in Japan!  Very cool.

We're going to try to get the rest of these V2 finished out before the our next release, that way we can finally release Super-1 05.  So check back in soon!  If we don't get the V2s done in time for next week's release, we'll still have something cool for you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 21!

Part 2 of Skyrider's first encounter with another Kamen Rider.  Can Stronger and Skyrider stop JellyFission and RhinoDump's two-pronged attack on Tokyo?  Admiral Demon has a trick up his sleeve to make sure that they fail.  Will they be able to overcome his cunning new plan?  (Yeah, probs...)

This is also the first time we officially hear our hero referred to as "Skyrider."

Skyrider episode 21:

    Here's an interesting bit of trivia from Sky79, who found this information while researching something on the japanese wikipedia entry for Skyrider:  Apparently, Skyrider's signature move, the Rider Break (which is featured at the end of Let's Go Kamen Riders!) was written into the show because of a small accident.
    It seems that Hiroshi Tsukuba's actor, Hiroaki Murakami, didn't have a motorcycle license when he auditioned for Skyrider.  He didn't even know how to ride a motorcycle.  But being able to ride a motorcycle was (obviously) required for the role, so the producers told him to try anyway.
    And as the story goes, he rode the bike into a crowd of people and couldn't stop, almost crashing into a wall.  The producers, having just witnessed what could have been a horrible accident, decided that it would make a really awesome ability for the Rider to have.  So so, the Rider Break was born!

    And speaking of trivia, Skyrider's training sequence here is one you might recognize.  Plenty of riders have used an aerial flip to power up a Rider Kick.  But why does it work?  Well, in the original series, the turbine in the belt powered the Rider.  It cause Hongo to transform, and it gave him more power when he's fighting an enemy.  An aerial flip spins the turbine even more, powering up the impact of the Rider Kick!  We even see this referenced in more recent series, most notably of which in Kuuga, where we get a very Showa-esque training sequence where Godai improves his own finishing move!

Sorry for being so long winded... it's been a long time since I dropped a trivia bomb on all of you!
Keep your eyes out this week for Super-1 v2s.  If I can finish them before next week's release, I'll have a brand new episode of Super-1 waiting for you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 21!

Round 2, Kamen Rider vs. ToxicMothra.  The final showdown!

After a notable absence, Taki is back in action this episode!*  And he's ready to help Ichimonji stop Shocker's plot to unleash a swarm of poisonous moths on Japan.  And Goro has plans to dress like a lady, and discover that he's pretty comfortable in a dress.  It's a double cross-dressing double cross!

I absolutely love ToxicMothra's design in this episode.  Then again, I'm always pretty fond of Toei's poisonous moth designs.  That's probably why Inazuman is one of my favorite Tokusatsu shows ever...
Oh, and if you're a fan of collateral damage, this is the episode for you.  Some smashed property and exploded buildings are waiting for you!

Kamen Rider episode 21:

There was an error with the AVI, so we're reuploading it now.  Check back soon! It's up!

*Don't ask me for a source, but I read that Taki's actor was injured on set during these episodes, hence his absence in episode 20.  This is also why you can see him limping, or filmed from the waist up in certain scenes.  He was injured 5 times in the years he was filming Akumaizer 3, Robot Detective K, and Kamen Rider!  Once I find proper English sources, I'll link them.

Check back next week for a quick return to Skyrider, as we bring you the dramatic conclusion of last episode's huge cliffhanger!

Update: There's a typo in the episode at 22:46, it says "plan" instead of "plane."  The script is correct, but the episode has the typo in it.  It's not really a big enough reason to do a v2 release, but we'll definitely correct it for the batch torrent in the future. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 20!

It was fun spending some time with Skyrider and crew, but it sure feels good to get back to Ichimonji and Tachibana.  Don't worry, we won't leave you hanging for too long on the conclusion of Skyrider's two-part cliffhanger.  We'll get to it soon, I promise!

Speaking of two-part stories, here we have the first part of Rider 2's battle with ToxicMothra.  It starts out slow, but it definitely builds up to some great fight scenes in a rocky waterfall.  You couldn't pay me ENOUGH to be a stunt actor in those scenes.  Some of those throws look straight up dangerous! 

There's also a Japanese version of Auld Lang Syne that gets sung early in the episode that drove us absolutely CRAZY.  Thankfully, I found a really well done translation for it.  Full credits in the script!

Kamen Rider episode 20:

Also, this week marks the one year anniversary since we stopped subbing Kamen Rider Super-1.  I know, that's not really an anniversary to celebrate.  However, we have something new in store for you.  But it's going to have to wait...  Originally I PLANNED to have Super-1 episode 5 released in time for the anniversary, but things came up and it got pushed to the back burner.  But the script is done, it just needs to be edited and QCed for release.  So I promise, as soon as we're done with the Super-1 v2s, we'll release it.  So there's something to look forward to!

Thanks for watching, and come back next week for another episode of Kamen Rider!

Monday, October 17, 2011

OOO Den-O All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders!

This isn't a traditional KITsubs release, per-say.  It's not even our release, technically!  This is a joint release between us, and our friends at Over-Time, the fine fellows that break their backs to bring you new episodes every week of currently running Kamen Rider shows.  We worked together to make sure this movie was true to its Showa roots as possible, and hopefully that worked out.

In my opinion, the movie was fantastic.  A lot of great action, and great moments involving Rider 1 and Rider 2.  The story is very silly at times, but no more so than a typical Kamen Rider episode.  And there is a TON of Hero Worship for our classic heroes.  Not only do we get to see all of our classic Riders, but we some other classic friends join the fray.  Like I said, it's a lot of fun.

So go check out Over-Time's release post for options on getting the movie.  For now, this is DVD only.  As the official DVD and Blu-Ray sets come out, new encodes will be available.  But if you download the script, you can use whichever video source you choose.

[Over-Time's blog]
[Let's Go Kamen Riders! release post]

As for KITsubs exclusive releases...  we'll have to wait until tomorrow.  I know, I'm sorry.  I should have known.  I (being Jeeg, here) was at New York Comic Con all weekend, and I'm wiped out.  I'm sorry, I didn't realize that my age was catching up with my geeky enthusiasm.  I promise, we'll have it out by tomorrow night.  Besides, you should take tonight to watch Let's Go Kamen Riders!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 20!

This is it.  The end of our much-longer-than-summer Skyrider mini marathon!  And what an episode to end on.  With this episode, the series shifts into high gear.  The stakes have never been higher for Skyrider as he faces off against two cyborg warriors; one from India, and one from Hong Kong.  And to make matters worse, they're ten times stronger than any other enemy that Skyrider has ever faced.
But the tides are turned on this two against one fight, and the odds get a little more even.

Needless to say, this is an amazing episode.  And one we've been excited about for a while now.

Skyrider episode 20:

This weeks episode was delayed because we were helping some friends out with some pretty high profile projects.  One VERY high profile project.  We'll be sure to pass the news along when it gets released.  And the other project fits in very nicely with this episode we just released, actually!

So come back next week (on time, I promise!) for a new Kamen Rider release.  Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 19!

This episode...  is fun.  That's about the most I can say for it.  It's an obvious filler episode, to build up some time before next episode's BIG reveal.  And the costume for WolfMan is obviously a bare-budget one (again, next week's are very impressive!) But... that's part of the charm!  It's a silly monster movie episode with a sassy British wolf and his giant megaphone.  And if you go into it expecting that, you won't be disappointed. 

Skyrider episode 19:

Next week is a big episode.  Something we've been anticipating for a while now, and the end of our Skyrider marathon.  That's not to say that we're not releasing more Skyrider, soon.  Take a look at the sidebar to see how much we have, almost ready for release.  We just think it's time to see Ichimonji and crew in action again, don't you?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kamen Rider Super-1 Episode 01, v2!

Going back to one of the projects we started out on has been a lot of fun.  It's always bothered me that we never updated these scripts, or released hardsubbed versions of them.  So I had some free time, and I decided to do both at once.

Seeing this, it makes me even more sad that we dropped Super-1.  It will be a year since we released episode 04, in two weeks.  And now I'm wondering if it really was necessary to drop it.  I mean, SOME episodes are better than NO episodes, right?

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself.  We'll discuss that some more in a few weeks.
Until then, enjoy these MEN OF SCIENCE and their quest to conquer space with things that probably won't work in space, like FLAME THROWERS and FREEZING GAS and MOTORCYCLES.
And Kung Fu.  But I'm pretty sure that works ANYWHERE.

Super-1 episode 01 (v2):

We'll release the other 3 episodes soon, on their own schedule.  Pretty much whenever I get a chance to finish them.  And come back tomorrow night for our regular release, Skyrider episode 19!  We're building up to an electrifying appearance!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 18!

Yeah, I guess he's pretty cool.  He's got a menacing face, and a neat costume...  but he's no General Monster.

Behold ShockrayMan!  The Electric Ray that's named (in Japanese) after a Sting Ray, and looks like a Manta Ray.  Also; he dances and says BIDDIBIDDIBIDDI.  Excellent.  His plan is as convoluted as his backstory, too.  But that's ok.  As usual, this is another great episode.  But we have to talk about something...  the new girls.  Why do Showa Rider shows do this to us?  They get us used to these girls, we grow to like them, and then they snatch them away from us and replace them with inferior replacements that bumble their way through their introductions.  Enough, I say!  Stop the madness!

Skyrider episode 18:

We're back on track with Skyrider, and Rider 1, now that we're done with those Net Movies.  So expect more, soon!

Oh, yeah... about those Net Movies.  We're not really done with them.  Upon further review, we've found some translation errors in some of the episodes.  Not "oh, it's just a typo, but we'll fix it for the rerelease anyway." More like, "this is a mistake that changes the meaning of the episode."  Which is much more important, and should be corrected asap.  So we're going to release individual V2s as we find them.  Starting with episode 36, Rider 1's rant about what makes a Kamen Rider.

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies: Type 36 Listen Quietly! What Modifies My Life! (AB/Virgo)

Like I said, we'll have more of these out as we find and correct them.  Trust me, we're perfectionists...  but we wouldn't release V2s so soon after a batch release if they weren't important corrections.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 41-48, EX, and Complete Torrent!

Well, here we are!  After months and months (since we originally did the first 8 episodes) we're finally done with the Let's Go Kamen Riders Net Movies.  And as hard as it has been at times, it's been a lot of fun.  Huge thanks to everyone that helped out along the way.  Sky79, our main translator on this project; AbareAnon (wherever you are...) who helped out with the first two batches; UK Windom, Nerefir, and HeatMetal, for their help translating, and Frumix for encoding these in the first place.  You guys (and girls!) are what makes KITsubs work, and it makes me happy to see this really turning into a community project.

So now you can kick back, and watch Super-1's Electro Hands in action, DiEnd's trickery, and Ultimate Kuuga's ultimate anger.  And OOO trying to see some underpants.  Don't forget the bonus episode, where G3 tells us what it's like to be THE ULTIMATE HUMAN BEING.

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 41-48 plus EX:
mkv batch
avi batch

And, as I promised when we first started this project, here are the scripts for all 49 episodes.  Complete with TL notes, commentary, and alternate translations hidden in the commentary notes.

Let's Go Kamen Riders Scripts

Also, we're trying our hands at our first ever torrent release.  I know that some of you have been asking for this, so we've decided this would be a good time to try it out.  This is the complete series, episodes 1 to 48, the EX episode, and the credits.  If the torrents go over well, then expect to see our regular series releases in batches later on.

Complete Series Torrents:
mkv complete torrent
avi complete torrent

So that's it.  Thanks for watching, and enjoy these last few episodes.  We'll be back on Monday (promise!) with more Skyrider, as we build up to a big surprise in episode 20!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 31 - 40!

We're finally getting ready to call this project done...  only a few more episodes to go!

There are a lot of funny episodes this time around.  Whether it's Den-O Wing Form's foppish mincing, or Rider 1's rant on what makes a real Rider, or Stronger yelling at peppers.

And as of tomorrow, we'll officially be done.  We're releasing the last batch tomorrow night, along with a torrent for the entire series.  It will be our first torrent release, so we hope that it introduces new fans to our group!

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 31-40:
MKV batch - v2
AVI batch - v2

Also, there was a typo in the mkv version of episode 37, Kiva's episode.  This is the corrected episode by itself.  Also, the script, if you wish to fix it for yourself.  Otherwise, we'll include the corrected version in tomorrow's torrent.
Corrected episode 37

There were a lot of typos. I'm sorry! The links have changed to v2's now, with all of the errors corrected.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 17!

Things are going to get a little spoiler-y from here on, so let's get the episode links out of the way first!

Skyrider episode 17:

This is it.  The final showdown between Skyrider, and General Monster.  Having been presented with the Red Eye ultimatum last episode, this is General Monster's last chance to defeat the thorn in NeoShocker's side.
More after the cut.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 16!

Everything seemed to be working against this episode's release, but it's finally out!  So that screen cap is particularly appropriate.

This episode is the begining of the end for part 1.  Skyrider faces off against his toughest enemy yet; a monster so strong, that even the Sky Kick is useless against him.  And NewShocker's great leader presents General Monster with an ultimatum.  And in the end, a mysterious new enemy appears!

These next few episodes will see the end of part one, and some exciting surprised for Rider fans.  So stick around, because this story might be ending, but Skyrider is just getting started!

Skyrider episode 16:

As with episode 5, this episode had an error in the raw.  Visually, you can notice it around 9:53 in the episode.  I fixed the corrupted part of the video, allowing the file to be encoded and muxed, but doing so removed a small part of the video.  Nothing that you would notice, aside from the pixelation, but it does change the time codes slightly.  So that means that this script release will ONLY work with our version of the raw.  It might work up until the point that the error happens, but after that it will be out of sync.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 21 - 30!

That picture pretty much sums up our entire group...

Now that all of that hurricane noise is over with, it's time to get back to work.  And what better way to celebrate your Labor Day Weekend (here in the US, anyway!) than with another batch of Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies.  This time around learn about Amazon's eating habits, Rider 2's new celebrity status, and Ankh's digestive issues.  And Raia officially becomes AWESOME.  Who would have ever thought it was possible?

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 21-30:
MKV Batch
AVI Batch

Join us here again tomorrow as we finish up the "Summer of Skyrider," and move on to "Sky September."  Because "The Fall of Skyrider" sounded too much like "Koji Kabuto Dies in Magma!"

Saturday, August 27, 2011

SooShoo to Delay!

Edit: What a nasty storm!  A few days without power, and a ton of fallen trees later, and we're ok.  Cleanup has been a pain, but relatively easy so far.  Thankfully we didn't get any flooding like a lot of New York did.  Thanks for your well wishes here, and on Facebook and Twitter.  We should be releasing new episodes very soon!

Hurricane Irene is barreling down on us here in the US.  And by us, I mean ME...  aka, Steel A. Jeeg.  So for the next few days, I'm going to be holed up in my apartment hoping that my car doesn't get crushed by that crooked telephone pole (not pictured, but just to the right!) and getting some water wings for my rabbit.  My other animals are sugar gliders, so they can carry us to safety.  Wait, what was I talking about...?
Oh yeah...  so as a result, expect some delays in this week's episode.  Look for it around Tuesday or Wednesday, once this whole mess blows over.

FORTUNATELY, the more important members of the group, aka Sky79 and UK Windom, are perfectly fine in their respective countries.  Far away from the buckets of rain on our already saturated ground, here in the eastern US.  And it just so happens that both of them are hard at work getting 1st and 2nd draft scripts together for upcoming releases.  Check out the status bar for more info!

Everyone, stay safe out there.  If you're in a safe place, and you've got your laptop (or portable media player of choice!) charged, then now would be the time to stock up on Rider 1 and Skyrider episodes and have yourself a little marathon!

See you soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 19 and Net Movies AVIs!

Hello again!  This episode was actually released a little early for all of our friends on Twitter and Facebook.  If you haven't signed up already, then go ahead!  I plan on doing more early releases like that, in the future.  And I've been brewing up a contest for a while now that you guys might be interested in.  Plus it's great to interact with fans.

In this episode Shocker plans to attack Japan with...  you guessed it...  an earthquake.  Underwater earthquakes this time, to be precise.  I swear, we didn't plan it like this.  Unfortunate coincidences aside, this is a great episode.  We get to see some actual character development between Hayato and the rest, and some great fight scenes as usual.  The ending of this episode will bring a manly tear to your eye.  And correct me if I'm wrong, but this episode might be the debut of a new Rider attack...

Kamen Rider episode 19:

But that's not all!  Here are those those two AVI batches I promised for the Net Movies.  I've also updated the release posts for both of these batches to include the new links.  HUGE thanks to LobsterHime on #SHT for helping me learn how to encode these properly.  You are a gentleman, and a crustacean.  You've cut my work time in half.  If you already downloaded the first 1-10 batch, you should get these anyway.  They fix a lot of mistakes with the encoding.

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies AVI batches:
Episodes 1-10
Episodes 11-20

While we're thanking people, let me also thank Kou, from J2E-Pro, for helping with the Rider 2 episode.  She's an amazing translator, and she really does great work.  It feels like a waste to use her considerable talents on something like TL checking a finished script.  We have some episodes in the works right now, but we'll definitely be getting some help from her again, in the future.

Also, in extra bad timing news:  After we released that Skyrider episode last night, there was a small earthquake here in the US.  Nothing major, but still ironic timing.  Hopefully this will be the end of these disaster episodes, for a while!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 15!

This week's episode of Skyrider raises the stakes.  Things are getting more serious for Hiroshi Tsukuba's battle against NeoShocker.  And now he must face the particularly gruesome PenicilliuMan.  His plot is a little more direct than the previous NeoShocker monsters, and his attack is a lot more ferocious.  And all the while General Monster is plotting his big move...

The bike stunts in this episode are of particular note.  Another example of why Showa era stunts can be more exciting than their Heisei counterparts.  Also, Skyrider's last battle with PenicilliuMan turns pretty brutal, and desperate.  But my favorite part of this episode is the sound effect that PenicilliuMan's mold makes when it melts someone.  Ah, so satisfyingly bizarre...

Skyrider episode 15:

The timing of this release is kind of unfortunate, as it is another Shocker plot to attack Japan with earthquakes.  There are a lot of these episodes in the Showa era, and are seen by many experts to be a way of coping through media and entertainment.  Much like post-WWII era Japan had a lot of stories that dealt with the coming of the atomic age, and the repercussions of war.  In a country where many creative minds can take a great tragedy apart, and deconstruct it at a human level, it will be interesting to see how recent events in Japan present themselves in their movies, music, and TV over the years to come.

So we're getting closer to Skyrider's part 1 climax.  Things are getting more serious, and a final showdown is getting ready to take place.  But that's not the only release we have for you this week!  Keep your eyes out for an extra special release, soon!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 11 - 20!

These took a little longer than I had originally planned, I'm sorry!  We'll have the next batch out sooner, I promise.
This batch is pretty great.  We've got KickHopper menacing General Shadow, PunchHopper depressing everybody, Decade being a jerk, and ZX serenading us...  well, almost.  The next batch won't take as long, I promise!

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 11-20:
MKV batch 
AVI batch

The AVI batch is going to come out later on, along with V2s for the first batch, because the fonts came out looking like absolute garbage.  That is, unless I just have access to more fonts on my computer than I thought, and that's why the MKVs look fine to me...  oh well.

And speaking of fonts, a brief note on translations:  Some people have been asking why we only translate SOME of the on-screen text in these episodes.  It might seem selective, but it's actually really simple.  Some of that text is just the dialogue that's being spoken at the time.  These seems to be common in Japanese humor, having big bold text flash onto screen whenever something funny happens.  To avoid screen clutter, I've only translated the text that needed it.

Also, puns.  Yes, there are some tricky puns in these episodes.  I covered it when I first released the original FLV encodes of Net Movies 1-8, but some Japanese puns just don't translate well into English.  For some of these puns, I've done my best to make them funny, while still retaining the original intentions of their literal translation.  BUT, if you'd rather see the more accurate puns, I've included them in the scripts.  Just wait until we release those, and you can choose a more literal version of those jokes.

Thanks for watching, everyone.  The AVI batch will be coming in a separate release post.  And tomorrow night we have another double-feature special for all of you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 14!

Things have started to change around here.  In Skyrider's story, and in real life at KITsubs.
In regards to Skyrider, anyway, the story has started to shift in tone.  Last episode we saw the begining of Skyrider's "after-image transformation," something he will become known for in the future.  This episode we see a small change in the cast, and a story that doesn't try to be an homage to the original Kamen Rider, so much.  From here on out, things will start to change more and more.  Especially after the finale of the first arc, in a few episodes!

This episode itself is fantastic.  We have a particularly dangerous fight scene on top of a roller coaster, and another dangerous looking fight on ice skates.  It's a climactic episode with a lot of great action.  There's really not a lot more than can be said.
But pay attention for Hiroshi's "TOH!" after he transforms!

Skyrider episode 14:

To in preparation for that finale, we're going to release more Skyrider over the next few weeks.  We're not dropping any series, just concentrating more on our first project!  We should be caught up to Kamen Rider in a few weeks.  Speaking of Kamen Rider, did you know that today is Takeshi Hongo's birthday?  So why don't we have a Kamen Rider episode for the occasion?

We recently lost our translation checker for Kamen Rider 1.  He was an integral member of that team, and when he left the group, the project kind of fell into chaos.  There was no drama involved, as is the case with a lot of sub groups.  He just stopped communicating with us.  Don't worry, he's all right.  Whatever his reasons were, they're not known to us, and probably important to him.
Right now, a helpful volunteer (who will remain anonymous until he gives me the OK to mention him by name!) has offered to help out with some scripts.  Whether or not he will do so regularly is yet to be seen.  But our first draft scripts are getting better and better, so the TL checker's job shouldn't be that big in the future.

That said, we are looking for a dedicated TL checker.  It would be an enormous help with projects like Kamen Rider, Hibiki, and the Net Movies.  If you can help, or know anybody that can, please drop us a line here or on the forums!
And speaking of those Net Movies, we have more coming soon.  As always, thanks for watching!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 13!

What good action series would be complete without a bomb defusing episode?  This episode is pretty tense, even if you know that everything is going to turn out all right in the end.  And the monster is particularly interesting.  He's supposed to be an antlion, but I think he looks more like...  a bat with lobster claws.

Skyrider episode 13:

For the next couple of episodes you'll notice a trend in the naming of the monsters.  The Japanese names, anyway.  This week's monster is AntlionMan, and just like the name says, he's an antlion.  His Japanese name is "ArijigokuJin."  Jigoku is Japanese for "Hell," meaning that antlions have a pun built right into their name!  They're named this way because, well, they're scary looking.  "Arijigoku" is a term that can be used to describe fear, specifically fear of an impending doom, in Japanese.  So they must be PRETTY terrified of these guys.
I don't think he's so bad...  personally, I think he looks like Lou Bega.  All he wants is to mambo, at least 5 times.

The next episode features a monster based on a venus flytrap, and his Japanese name is "Haejigokujin."  Notice the pattern, here?  It only lasts for two episodes, but it's worth noting.  Personally, if I saw an antlion I wouldn't think much of it.  But a venus flytrap really does look like hell itself started growing into our mortal plane.  Yikes!

Thanks for humoring my rambling.  Next week is more Skyrider, along with more Net Movies, Hibiki, and those Super-1 v2s.  And don't think we're done with Rider 2.  We're working on something special, in regards to that!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 1 - 10

I told you that we would be returning to this project!  Now with DVD quality video, thanks to "Frumix, or somesuch."  This set includes the first 8 episodes we already released a few months ago, now with better video quality, and improved scripts...  and two new episodes.  Learn the truth behind Shin's charisma as a Kamen Rider, and watch Urataros use his silver tongue to reel himself in a SpaceJoker Fish.

And while we're thanking contributers to this project, be sure to thank AbareAnon for helping with the translations.  This is a project by her, Sky79, and me.  We're like Charlie's Angels, except...  oh, who am I kidding.  We're EXACTLY like Charlie's Angels.

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 1-10:
MKV batch
AVI batch (v2)

(scripts coming soon, look for a full batch after the rest are released)

I hear you saying "Hey, Steel A JERK, you promised us more Skyrider!  What happened to that, HMMM?!"
First, cool your horses, man!  Second, it's coming VERY soon!  There were some timing errors with the old scripts for Net Movies 1-8 that I didn't catch in time, and fixing those took up most of my time.  Skyrider is coming very soon.  If not tonight (as in, in a few hours) then tomorrow afternoon.  I hate releasing after midnight, because the episode tends to get lost in the quiet-time of the internet!

Watch out for more Net Movies coming over the next couple of weeks.  We have all 48, and we will post them in batches of 10 as they're ready.  We've also got some big rumblings going on with our Rider 1 project, and more Skyrider.  So keep your eyes on the blog!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kamen Rider Hibiki 02

While visiting family on Yaku Island, the shy and reserved Asumu Adachi met a man that just so happened to be a superhero.  Or is he?  Maybe he's just a regular guy that seems to have found his niche in life, no matter how exciting that niche may be.  Contemplating this development will have to wait, because there is nothing more terrifying than a giant spider chasing after you in a creepy forest.

Hibiki episode 02:

This episode had a lot of corrections from the existing scripts.  One of which might not seem very significant on the surface, but adds a whole level of subtext to the show.  Granted, it was one that was assumed for the most part, but now it's more clearly acknowledged by the script.  Very neat stuff.

When I say "a lot of corrections" that might seem like an understatement if you've been in contact with me for the past week.  This is an EXTENSIVE project.  I've done more work on this episode than any of the Skyrider or Rider 1 episodes that we've released.  But I'm happy with the results.

I feel like I should offer a disclaimer.  This show is a scrub project.  I am re-translating as much as I can, when I see that there is a mistake.  But I am not the main translator for KITsubs, and my Japanese is very out of practice.  Improving, yes!  But rusty all the same.  As it is, consider this project to be in beta.  So to speak.  If you notice ANY translation errors, please feel free to let us know!  This can be a community project, as I can always go back and improve the scripts.

And big thanks to everyone that's helped out with this project so far.  HeatMetal, Frumix, FortMax, and MaskedShuuyu.  Thanks everyone!  (If I forgot a name, it's because I'm an idiot.  I'll fix it, I swear!)

Monday, August 1, 2011

M.D. Seester

In this episode, Ichimonji pulls another masterful trolling of Taki and the gang; we learn some questionable facts about the anatomical makeup of a living fossil, and Mari prances around in short shorts while singing the Japanese knock-off of My Darling Clementine.
It's getting harder and harder to dislike her with each new episode...

This is a fun episode.  I always love these secret base infiltration missions.  Plus, the noises that the monster makes are absolutely terrifying.  I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Japanese band Dir en Grey...  but imagine if one of their songs turned into a monster and started chasing you around.  Yikes!
Also, the end fight scene at the waterfall is particularly impressive.  I always enjoy these older fight scenes, because they weren't afraid of getting rough and tumble in unpleasant terrain.

Kamen Rider episode 18:

And SPEAKING of that monster... (JeegRant after the cut)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Don't call it a comeback!

This is the little side project that I've been vaguely mentioning every so often.  One of my favorite Kamen Rider series ever, and one of the few modern Tokusatsu series to stay close to Shotaro Ishinomori's ideals as a story teller.
This is really the story of Asumu Adachi, a young boy who's at the cusp of growing up.  He's taking his High School entrance exams, he's not sure of what he wants to do with his life, he has a hard time connecting with people around him, and he just met a super hero.

The show was based on an idea for a new type of Tokusatsu hero, created by Shotaro Ishinomori, called "Sonic Sound Riders."  Not a lot is known about the original incarnation of this story, but we can assume that until a staff change around episode 30, the show that we got was actually pretty close.  As future releases come out, I'll go into more of what I know about this.  Until then, watch the first episode, and enjoy.

Hibiki episode 1:

For a side project that I didn't want to involve the rest of the group in, this project sure had a lot of outside help! Big thanks to: ShinkenAnon, UK Windom, Castiel, and Scissors Jaguar for all of their help on this.

Now, there's a lot that I want to say about this project, and why I chose to do it.  I'm putting that ALL under a cut, because it's a rant.  I'd strongly appreciate it if you read on, though.  This was a complicated decision for me, and I'd like everyone to understand why I chose to go ahead with this release.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July: Double Sky Kick!

This week we've got two episodes of our remake/reunion Rider series, Kamen Rider Skyrider!
In episode 11, Hiroshi rescues a group of young athletes from one of NeoShocker's most convoluted plots ever.  SalamanderMan's leaps and bounds of logic are themselves worthy of some Olympic gold medals.  But we can forgive him, because SalamanderMan is a villain that reminds us all of that one crazy uncle...  you know, the one that gets a little tipsy at holiday parties, and shows you card tricks that don't really make any sense.  And speaking of holiday parties!

It's Christmas in July...  in Japan!  And Shocker has a new plan to... well...  I don't really know what their plan is this time.  but JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!  This is a great episode, and it's a good milestone for how far our characters have come.  After this, things will start getting more and more serious.  But it's hard to concentrate on any of that when SlugMan is the stuff of pure fevered nightmares.  CRIPES!

Skyrider episode 11:

Skyrider episode 12:

I'll have a new announcement in a day or two about our side project.  but you probably all know what it is already, anyway.  Still, it will be nice to get some feedback from you guys.  And next week we'll have more Rider 2 action, so don't forget about us just because Skyrider is Kamen Rider's less popular younger brother.  As a matter of fact, now is a perfect opportunity to give the show a chance.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 17!

If you doubted it after part one, then let me reassure you:  This is a GREAT episode.  The story wraps up with kind of a "Well, ok... I guess that's all right" ending.  But everything leading up to that is grade A Rider action.  Particularly the fight scene in the wrestling ring.  The choreography is impressive, even by today's standards!  (Or especially by today's standards...  considering your opinion on the Heisei shows.)  Also, there's a great fight scene with Tachibana and Taki.  It's always nice to see Tachibana beating some goons up.

Listen for the soundtrack, too.  Something about that episode really struck a chord with me...  no pun intended.  I really loved the music.  Especially the music that plays while Taki comes in to show the kids his perm.  I mean serve them some noodles.

Kamen Rider episode 17:

Next week's release is up in the air right now.  We have a lot of finished scripts, as you can see on the side bar.  If all goes according to my current plan, we should have a double release for next week.  What a perfect way to spend those lazy summer afternoons.

Thanks for watching, everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kamen Rider 17 Coming Tomorrow Night

Jeeg, here.  Sorry for the delay, everyone. I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately, and I'm not going to finish encoding and uploading this episode until tomorrow. But no later than that.

In other news, I'm working on a side project that I should hopefully have up and running at full steam by the end of the summer. If you're interested in spoiling the surprise, go check out the /m/subs forums and see what's brewing.

Until tomorrow, have this picture I took of Shadowmoon and some capes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 16!

The beginning of another two-part story (Don't worry, we've got the 2nd half in the editing phase already, no waiting games this time...)  Shocker takes the already powerful, and mythical, Pirasaurus, and they merge it with the strength of an invincible pro-wrestler with a heart of gold.  Michi gets a haircut, Taki gets a perm, and Ichimonji reveals his secret hobby...

There were some speed bumps with this script.  A lot of lines were hard to hear, and a lot of mismatched ADR dialogue.  For those of you that don't know, a lot of dialogue in 70's tv shows (at least in most parts of asia) was dubbed over after the footage was filmed.  That's why there was still footage of Hiroshi Fujioka from AFTER the accident, but the dialogue had to be dubbed over.  For some reason, the audio mixing in this episode was way below par.  And that led to some tricky translating.  But after two QC passes, and two watch-throughs, I'm happy with the end result.

Kamen Rider episode 16:

Next week's episode is Kamen Rider 17!  We hope everyone's enjoying their summer.  Thanks for watching!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 15!

Woops, sorry about that!  So, after a two week delay, we finally have the conclusion of Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2's debut.  The first delay was planned.  The second one...  not so much.  We're back on track from now on.

A little late for the 4th of July (here in the US,) but what better way to celebrate America's tribute to huge explosions than by watching two Japanese guys throw a bunch of Mexican cactus bombs around?  Also in the episode, we get a little (very little) insight into the mind of a Shocker soldier.  Are they all brainwashed CyberSoldiers?  Only time will tell.  Or maybe not.  Maybe it will be brought up briefly, and rarely mentioned again.  Ah, such is the way of the Rider show...

Kamen Rider episode 15:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 10!

Yes, I know that I promised Kamen Rider 15 this week.  Unfortunately, we had a (now resolved) script problem and we just so happened to have a finished Skyrider script...  so here we are.
But that's ok!  Because this is a very fun episodes, and a sign of things to come for Skyrider as a show.  The tone of the show is changing, and it's starting to show its true colors as an anniversary show, as opposed to a remake of the original.  Once the first "climactic final showdown" takes place, you'll start to see it even more.

Skyrider episode 10:

As for the name "CrabberMan," let me justify myself here.  "Kani" means Crab in Japanese, but his Japanese name is "KaningerJin."  From my understanding, "ger" in certain Japanese words (mostly of foreign origins) is like adding "er" in English; it establishes that this word is "doing" something.  Use "Toast" and "Toaster" for example, a toaster...  makes toast!  For precedence in Japanese pop-culture, look to "Mazinger."  Go Nagai once stated that the name was originally supposed to be reminiscent of the word "Majin" (or evil person) and have the sense of being "capable of doing evil."  So Majin-ger would (almost) literally mean "One who does evil."
That, and I thought that CrabberMan sounded silly.

WELL, that rant was long!  Kamen Rider 15 is DEFINITELY coming next week.  Thanks for watching, everyone!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 09!

This week's episode...  is not the second part of Kamen Rider 2's debut.  Sorry.  However, instead we have a really great new episode of Skyrider!  CobraMan gathers up world class athletes from all over the world (Japan) to assemble "History's Greatest Murderous Army."  Whatever that means.  In the process, we get a really great "Dojo-Killer" story, some great martial arts scenes, and the baddest of the bad human forms a NeoShocker monster has EVER had.  This guy is pretty slick!  I can't find any information on the actor that played CobraMan's human form, but if anybody can find anything, let me know.  This guy is awesome.

UPDATE:  So UK Windom posted this on /m/, in reference to the actor that portrayed CobraMan's human form.  It turns out...  He's a Kamen Rider LEGEND!  Check after the cut for more.

Skyrider episode 09:

Check after the cut for episode Trivia!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 14!

This is a pretty monumental episode.  We not only have the introduction of Kamen Rider 2, we also have a new opening (with new vocals, by Masato Shimon, who has been the singer for the ending theme since episode 1) a new ending, three new girls, Tachibana's racing club, and the debut of the "Henshin Pose!"  That's right, the first character to pose while transforming was NOT Rider 1.  The pose itself is explained in greater detail later on, but for now it's just another indication that the show was evolving.

And it is a much better episode than the last handful of Fujioka-less Rider 1 eps.  Don't worry, we'll hear about Hongo every so often.  And he's back for good in episode 52.  For now, we can all enjoy Rider 2's arc, and the awesomeness that is Hayato Ichimonji.

Kamen Rider episode 14:
Removed on 9/27/13 - See recent updates for information

Do you want to play a fun game in this episode?  In the second half of the show, try and see how many times Rider 2 is riding the Cyclone 1 instead of the Cyclone 2.  It happens quite a few times!  While it's never officially called the Cyclone 2, it's Ichimonji's "offroad" mode for the Cyclone.  It's much thinner than the original.  There's never any transition shown, this episode.  It's just... there, sometimes!

Next week, we'll have Skyrider 09, and the week after that Kamen Rider 15.  That's a little cruel of me...  you'll understand why, after you watch this week's episode!

Also, many of you seem to like my trivia posts on the blog, facebook, and twitter.  If you're interested in more detailed background information, check out our release thread on the /m/subs forums, where user "Scissors Jaguar" (Or, 鋏ジャガー, actually) has even more extensive information on these episodes than I could ever HOPE to have.  I'm truly jealous of his skills!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 13!

    Well, this is it.  The last Hongo episode for a while.  Don't worry, he'll be back.  Next episode is the debut of Hayato Ichimonji, Kamen Rider Number 2!
    However, we're losing Ruriko this episode, too.  Her disappearance is mentioned briefly in the coming episodes, but it's hardly a proper send-off for the character.  I'll really miss her, she was my favorite supporting cast member next to Tachibana.  If anybody knows the behind the scenes reason why she left, let us know!
    Also, this episode is the official debut of Taki, and he finally joins the show as a regular cast member.  Check out the trivia at the bottom of this post for some pretty cool background on Agent Taki Kazuya.

     If you've been putting off watching this show until we're "done," you should actually take this opportunity to watch the first 13 episodes.  They represent a story arc that's fairly self contained, and has a pretty neat and tidy ending.  The next arc focuses on Rider 2's story, and after another 13 episodes a new arc will begin.

Kamen Rider Episode 13:

Some trivia about this episode:

If you think this episode looks familiar, that's because it was released in theaters as the first Kamen Rider movie.  It's identical to this episode, just cropped for widescreen projection.  Ironically, the TV version seems much more cinematic than the theatrical edit.  It's a boss-rush, Kamen Rider versus every Cyborg monster he's faced so far, and one strangely out-of-place new threat.

Lizardron's human form, Ken Nomoto, is played by Shinzo Hotta.  You might recognize him as General Monster, from Skyrider!  He might be a little hard to recognize out of makeup, but that voice is pretty distinctive.

Agent Taki Kazuya is played by Jiro Chiba, who also played a detective in Robot Detective K, another great Shotaro Ishinomori tokusatsu show.  However, what you might not know is that he's action movie super-star Sonny Chiba's younger brother!  That's a pretty substantial legacy for an action star!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 12!

This is a strange one, folks.  The writers, obviously faltering for storylines that DON'T involve Hiroshi Fujioka, have decided to rely less on stock footage (except for that scene with Hongo in the blue racing jumpsuit...  again!) and more on the amazing supporting cast.  The previous episode could have been called "Kamen Rider:  Monster Incorporated," while this one seems more like "Ruriko Rider!"

What we have here is a story about Ruriko that fails as a Kamen Rider episode, but still manages to be incredibly entertaining.  It feels more like a side story than an episode of this series.  Kamen Rider is barely in it!  But, while it is a very flawed and choppily edited episode, it is a ton of fun to see Ruriko on the prowl.

And we get to meet one of the goofiest, most lethargic monsters ever.  Every minute he's on screen is a treat, if only because he's so bizarrely deadpan.
Anyway, enjoy the episode.  Have a happy memorial day, and look forward to next week's episode:  The last Hongo episode for a good while!

Kamen Rider Episode 12:

Translation note:  Nobody knows, in any language, what a Gelas is!  If you have any ideas, let us know.  It could very well just be a Toei make-em-up word that we'll see more of as the episodes progress.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 11!

    I don't know how many of you have been keeping up with the new Kamen Rider releases, but our friends over at Over-Time recently released Kamen Rider Movie Wars: Core...  and it was a huge sloppy mess.  Not through any fault of theirs', mind you, those Over-Time boys did the best they could.  It was just a mess of a movie, that I had a lot of hope for.

    But we're here to wash that foul taste out of your mouth!  This week's Fujioka-less episode of Kamen Rider actually has a lot of parallels to Movie Wars: Core.  There's a ballerina getting brutalized, the badguys are targetting weddings, and the star of the show is only half in-character! (Hiyoooo)

    But more importantly, what we have here is an entertaining episode.  Another creepy church plot (my favorite!) and Taki makes his series debut!  Tachibana and co hatch a plan to stop Shocker in their tracks, while Hongo is strangely absent.  And Ruriko looks particularly attractive in glasses and a wedding dress...

Kamen Rider Episode 11:

Translator's notes after the break:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 10!

This episode was cursed, I'm sorry.  First, we had problems uploading the files;  Then, as I went to put the links in this post, I realized that I completely messed up a part of the script.  Woops.  Ugh.  Well, that's all behind us now.
This Fujioka-less episode is vastly superior to the one before it.  Although there are still some particularly mismatched voice overs for Hongo, the action and the plot are better.  And there's more Tachibana to make up for the half-Hongo.
Also, this show is starting to have a "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"-level of unfortunate ends for dogs!
(*I could be biased about this episode, because the villain Ritsuko Ayakouji is incredibly attractive.)

Next week we've got a particularly nasty Condor, a wedding, and the unofficial introduction of Agent Taki.  Be sure to check it out!

Also:  Big thanks for the nice shout out from our friends at Over-Time.  You boys are all right.  Check out their work on Kamen Rider OOO, and Gokaiger.  Two great tastes that taste great together!

Kamen Rider Episode 10:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 09!

 I'm going to include the links first, for this episode.  Because there's a lot of background on this episode that I want to cover, but I don't want people to see a wall of text and miss the link.  So here's Kamen Rider episode 9.  Enjoy!  (Also:  HUGE thanks to Starseeker and Chokutsuu who helped with translating a huge chunk of Kanji in this episode.  If you're over on the /m/subs forums, be sure to say thanks!)

Kamen Rider episode 9:

   Well, this is it.  This episode and the next, "The Revived CobraMan," are the last two episodes with NEW footage of Takeshi Hongo out of his suit for a long time.  And that new footage is few and far between, with most of actor Hiroshi Fujioka's scenes being reused from previous episodes.
   The reason?  During the filming for this episode, Fujioka was injured in a motorcycle accident.  The injury would prove debilitating enough that it left Toei scrambling to find a way to continue filming their new runaway hit TV show.
   Their first solution?  Reuse existing footage of Takeshi Hongo, and dub over his voice in post production.  Even the new footage used this dubbed voice, actually.  It was common practice on TV shows in the 70's, especially in Japan, to dub the voices over for scenes where audio recording might prove difficult.  Hiroshi Fujioka was injured before he had a chance to record his ADR lines, so his replacement VA took his place.

   A little info on Hongo's voice actor:  Rokuro Naya is one of Toei's go-to voices for Rider 1 in the early days, when they couldn't (or didn't bother to) get Hiroshi Fujioka.  Ironically, he's the brother of Great Leader's voice actor Goro Naya!  As of this post, he's still an active VA in the industry, with many anime and dubbing roles under his belt.
   His voice is noticeably different from Fujioka's, so the difference was jarring to fans.  Eventually, Toei received so many complaints about the patchwork effort to continue the series that they decided to go with a second, decidedly more successful, solution.  Most of you probably know what that is already.  If you don't, you're in for a treat!  And you'll find out...  in a few episodes.

If you've read this far, then thank you for humoring me.  We've got more episodes on the way.  Hopefully we'll have episode 10 done with TL check and QC by next week.  Also, we've got a fanpage on Facebook now!  Come by and "like" us, if you're a true friend of justice!

(Bonus video after the cut)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 5-8, Scripts, and NEWS.

Say what you will about Heisei Riders, or characters like Ankh...  I love him.  I think he's hilarious, and Net Movie 7 is full of Ankh shenanigans.  Ryosuke Miura is at his best when he's hamming it up for these Net Movies.

Now, for some crummy news.  Veoh got a copyright complaint over Net Movie 8, so no streaming video in this update.  However, they're up on KITsubs Veoh still (except for 8) so if you want to watch them streaming, you can.  But none of that even matters if you're here for ddl links, which I have in abundance!

Let's Go Kamen Riders!  Net Movies -
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Epiosde 8

And here's a zip with all 8 scripts.
Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movie Scripts 1-8
There's no raws available for these yet, but if you can rip FLV video then you can use these.  BUT!  You should download these, and hold on to them for the inevitable DVD release.  Also, there's a bunch of extra stuff in the scripts.  Alternate translates (See after the jump) and liner notes, and some stupid jokes.  You can always open these up in AegisSub, or your subbing program of choice, and modify the translations to your liking.

Read on for some rambling about the translation for Net Movies 7 and 8!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movie 4 (streaming)

Since there seems to be an issude with two streaming videos playing in the same post, I separated them.  THANKS VEOH...

Net Movie 4, probably my favorite so far, inducts ZO into the same fellowship of disgruntled Riders as poor Shin.  Between ZO's furious rant, and Sieg as the host, it's going to be pretty hard to top this Net Movie.  Thankfully, there's plenty more chances for them to try, coming up!

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 3, and 4.

Net Movie 3 showcases the lovable duos of the two most recent Kamen Rider shows:  Shotaro and Philip, and Eiji and Ankh.  Like yin and yang, the dynamics of these two partnerships are dissected and discussed.  Or maybe there's just some wacky shenanigans, and some fanfiction fueling underwear-ing to be had.  My place is not to judge.

(Net Movie 4 Streaming Here!)

Net Movie 4, probably my favorite so far, inducts ZO into the same fellowship of disgruntled Riders as poor Shin. Between ZO's furious rant, and Sieg as the host, it's going to be pretty hard to top this Net Movie. Thankfully, there's plenty more chances for them to try, coming up!

If downloading is more your speed, then I've got you covered as always:
Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movie 3
Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movie 4

If you're interested in scripts, I will be making the available once the first 8 are done.  For now, those are the only episodes currently available online.  But rest assured, we will continue subbing them as they pop up.
Check back in for more Net Movies, this week!  And don't forget, Kamen Rider 9 is coming out this week, too!