Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kamen Rider episode 44!

Kamen Rider 44:
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Delays are an unpleasant reality for subbing.
I won't waste anyone's time with excuses or explanations.  We're alive, releases have been slow, and we apologize.  Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook whenever you're concerned with delays, and hopefully we can offer some understanding of any behind the scenes situations.

With that said, let's get on to justice!
In this episode, Shocker has a dastardly plan to use twin toddlers to lure out the Kamen Rider and Taki. Meanwhile, the vile Moldinger wants to cover the world in deadly mold spores!
Can the Kamen Rider defeat Shocker? But more importantly, can he survive their sneaky traps?!

Also in this episode, they hang a lampshade on the fact that we haven't heard anything about Hayato's photography job in, like, two dozen episodes.  If only someone would remember Taki's poor wife...

Enjoy the episode, guys.  And I promise, more original Kamen Rider is coming soon.