Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 34!

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 34:
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The Delza officers are still trying to kill Stronger.  With Shadow manipulating things from behind the scenes, Stronger must face the deadly attacks of Commander Blank and Snake Woman!
Snake woman has a plot to use her terrifying snake scales to possess humans and send them after Stronger.  Will Stronger be able to defend himself when his opponents are regular humans?  And... his own friends?!
And stay tuned to the next episode preview...

Stronger is nearing its climax.  The Delza army is moving into position to launch their final attack.  Will it be too much for Stronger to take on?

We'll find out next week!  Stay tuned, Skyrider 32 is up next.
Thanks for watching, as always!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Akumaizer-3 episode 05!

Akumaizer-3 episode 05:
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The Akumaizers can't catch a break.  In this episode, Zabitan struggles with the realization that his childhood friend is now a bitter enemy.  And to make matters worse, Mezalord is back again!  Will Zabitan be able to talk his friend out of invading Ginza?  And will he be able to stop Mezalord from wiping out the Akumaizers?

Another emotionally driven plot for Akumaizer.  Maybe now you're all starting to see why I love this series so much.  Its more than just a tokusatsu action franchise, it has real heart.  And I was always impressed with how much emotion the suit actors could convey.
Pay special attention to the spectacular lighting in the scene at the end of the episode.  It lets you feel the emotion the characters are feeling, despite the fact that Darunia is there looking as freaky as ever!

How are you guys liking this release blitz?  Stay tuned this week for Stronger 34, and after that... the triumphant return of Skyrider!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 33!

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 33:
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Secretary of State Wolf's plot to kill Stronger moves into its final phases.  Baron Rock wasn't much help ending Stronger's life, but maybe the power of the Almighty Wolf will!  And if that doesn't work, then maybe manipulating another Delza leader will... enter Commander Blank!  But will he help Wolf defeat Stronger, or will he try to claim victory for himself?  Meanwhile, Shadow is still lurking behind the scenes, waiting to play his hand...

Another awesome episode featuring Delza leaders and their backstabbing motivations.  One factor that really makes Stronger stand out as a classic.
Another great aspect of this episode is the night fight at the end.  The contrasting visuals of Stronger's chrome power up accents against the dark backdrop is just another example of the visually striking direction of these older tokusatsu shows.

We're getting closer to the end!  We should actually be finished with Stronger soon.  After we release the last episode, we'll go back and put some polish on episodes 2-20 and release batch torrents.
And come back in a few days for Akumaizer-3 05.

And Skyrider 31. 
Yep, you read that right!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Akumaizer-3 episode 04!

Akumaizer-3 episode 04:
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After a devious Demon Clan plot, Ibiru is suspected to be working with the badguys!  Will this betrayal disillusion him to the Akumaizer's cause?  Will he ever be able to trust his friends again?  Or was he really working for them all along?

You know, for a show with an emphasis on comedy and social commentary over action, the action is really engaging!  But listen to me gush... (which I do all the time)
This episode was actually scheduled for release a good while ago.  But things happened.  The good news is, if you were expecting another delay like last year when we did our side project... well, that kind of fell through.  It's not happening.  But that's a good thing, because now that we've allocated extra time to work on it, we can work on getting caught up with our backlog!  So the while team, along with our friends from MCS and Over-Time are going to get to work on those episodes.

Enjoy the episode!  And expect to see some old faces soon.