Monday, September 26, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 18!

Yeah, I guess he's pretty cool.  He's got a menacing face, and a neat costume...  but he's no General Monster.

Behold ShockrayMan!  The Electric Ray that's named (in Japanese) after a Sting Ray, and looks like a Manta Ray.  Also; he dances and says BIDDIBIDDIBIDDI.  Excellent.  His plan is as convoluted as his backstory, too.  But that's ok.  As usual, this is another great episode.  But we have to talk about something...  the new girls.  Why do Showa Rider shows do this to us?  They get us used to these girls, we grow to like them, and then they snatch them away from us and replace them with inferior replacements that bumble their way through their introductions.  Enough, I say!  Stop the madness!

Skyrider episode 18:

We're back on track with Skyrider, and Rider 1, now that we're done with those Net Movies.  So expect more, soon!

Oh, yeah... about those Net Movies.  We're not really done with them.  Upon further review, we've found some translation errors in some of the episodes.  Not "oh, it's just a typo, but we'll fix it for the rerelease anyway." More like, "this is a mistake that changes the meaning of the episode."  Which is much more important, and should be corrected asap.  So we're going to release individual V2s as we find them.  Starting with episode 36, Rider 1's rant about what makes a Kamen Rider.

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies: Type 36 Listen Quietly! What Modifies My Life! (AB/Virgo)

Like I said, we'll have more of these out as we find and correct them.  Trust me, we're perfectionists...  but we wouldn't release V2s so soon after a batch release if they weren't important corrections.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 41-48, EX, and Complete Torrent!

Well, here we are!  After months and months (since we originally did the first 8 episodes) we're finally done with the Let's Go Kamen Riders Net Movies.  And as hard as it has been at times, it's been a lot of fun.  Huge thanks to everyone that helped out along the way.  Sky79, our main translator on this project; AbareAnon (wherever you are...) who helped out with the first two batches; UK Windom, Nerefir, and HeatMetal, for their help translating, and Frumix for encoding these in the first place.  You guys (and girls!) are what makes KITsubs work, and it makes me happy to see this really turning into a community project.

So now you can kick back, and watch Super-1's Electro Hands in action, DiEnd's trickery, and Ultimate Kuuga's ultimate anger.  And OOO trying to see some underpants.  Don't forget the bonus episode, where G3 tells us what it's like to be THE ULTIMATE HUMAN BEING.

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 41-48 plus EX:
mkv batch
avi batch

And, as I promised when we first started this project, here are the scripts for all 49 episodes.  Complete with TL notes, commentary, and alternate translations hidden in the commentary notes.

Let's Go Kamen Riders Scripts

Also, we're trying our hands at our first ever torrent release.  I know that some of you have been asking for this, so we've decided this would be a good time to try it out.  This is the complete series, episodes 1 to 48, the EX episode, and the credits.  If the torrents go over well, then expect to see our regular series releases in batches later on.

Complete Series Torrents:
mkv complete torrent
avi complete torrent

So that's it.  Thanks for watching, and enjoy these last few episodes.  We'll be back on Monday (promise!) with more Skyrider, as we build up to a big surprise in episode 20!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 31 - 40!

We're finally getting ready to call this project done...  only a few more episodes to go!

There are a lot of funny episodes this time around.  Whether it's Den-O Wing Form's foppish mincing, or Rider 1's rant on what makes a real Rider, or Stronger yelling at peppers.

And as of tomorrow, we'll officially be done.  We're releasing the last batch tomorrow night, along with a torrent for the entire series.  It will be our first torrent release, so we hope that it introduces new fans to our group!

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 31-40:
MKV batch - v2
AVI batch - v2

Also, there was a typo in the mkv version of episode 37, Kiva's episode.  This is the corrected episode by itself.  Also, the script, if you wish to fix it for yourself.  Otherwise, we'll include the corrected version in tomorrow's torrent.
Corrected episode 37

There were a lot of typos. I'm sorry! The links have changed to v2's now, with all of the errors corrected.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 17!

Things are going to get a little spoiler-y from here on, so let's get the episode links out of the way first!

Skyrider episode 17:

This is it.  The final showdown between Skyrider, and General Monster.  Having been presented with the Red Eye ultimatum last episode, this is General Monster's last chance to defeat the thorn in NeoShocker's side.
More after the cut.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 16!

Everything seemed to be working against this episode's release, but it's finally out!  So that screen cap is particularly appropriate.

This episode is the begining of the end for part 1.  Skyrider faces off against his toughest enemy yet; a monster so strong, that even the Sky Kick is useless against him.  And NewShocker's great leader presents General Monster with an ultimatum.  And in the end, a mysterious new enemy appears!

These next few episodes will see the end of part one, and some exciting surprised for Rider fans.  So stick around, because this story might be ending, but Skyrider is just getting started!

Skyrider episode 16:

As with episode 5, this episode had an error in the raw.  Visually, you can notice it around 9:53 in the episode.  I fixed the corrupted part of the video, allowing the file to be encoded and muxed, but doing so removed a small part of the video.  Nothing that you would notice, aside from the pixelation, but it does change the time codes slightly.  So that means that this script release will ONLY work with our version of the raw.  It might work up until the point that the error happens, but after that it will be out of sync.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 21 - 30!

That picture pretty much sums up our entire group...

Now that all of that hurricane noise is over with, it's time to get back to work.  And what better way to celebrate your Labor Day Weekend (here in the US, anyway!) than with another batch of Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies.  This time around learn about Amazon's eating habits, Rider 2's new celebrity status, and Ankh's digestive issues.  And Raia officially becomes AWESOME.  Who would have ever thought it was possible?

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 21-30:
MKV Batch
AVI Batch

Join us here again tomorrow as we finish up the "Summer of Skyrider," and move on to "Sky September."  Because "The Fall of Skyrider" sounded too much like "Koji Kabuto Dies in Magma!"