Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 41-48, EX, and Complete Torrent!

Well, here we are!  After months and months (since we originally did the first 8 episodes) we're finally done with the Let's Go Kamen Riders Net Movies.  And as hard as it has been at times, it's been a lot of fun.  Huge thanks to everyone that helped out along the way.  Sky79, our main translator on this project; AbareAnon (wherever you are...) who helped out with the first two batches; UK Windom, Nerefir, and HeatMetal, for their help translating, and Frumix for encoding these in the first place.  You guys (and girls!) are what makes KITsubs work, and it makes me happy to see this really turning into a community project.

So now you can kick back, and watch Super-1's Electro Hands in action, DiEnd's trickery, and Ultimate Kuuga's ultimate anger.  And OOO trying to see some underpants.  Don't forget the bonus episode, where G3 tells us what it's like to be THE ULTIMATE HUMAN BEING.

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 41-48 plus EX:
mkv batch
avi batch

And, as I promised when we first started this project, here are the scripts for all 49 episodes.  Complete with TL notes, commentary, and alternate translations hidden in the commentary notes.

Let's Go Kamen Riders Scripts

Also, we're trying our hands at our first ever torrent release.  I know that some of you have been asking for this, so we've decided this would be a good time to try it out.  This is the complete series, episodes 1 to 48, the EX episode, and the credits.  If the torrents go over well, then expect to see our regular series releases in batches later on.

Complete Series Torrents:
mkv complete torrent
avi complete torrent

So that's it.  Thanks for watching, and enjoy these last few episodes.  We'll be back on Monday (promise!) with more Skyrider, as we build up to a big surprise in episode 20!


  1. It maybe would sort of work a little better if somebody was seeding either of those torrents, possibly.

  2. That's true. BUT... I JUST uploaded them! Give people some time to get the completed files, and it will go much faster.

  3. Well, it's just that the tracker is reporting zero seeds. Which makes it hard for anyone to obtain the batches to turn around and seed for others.

  4. I'm showing 23 for the softsubbed version, here. And I'm seeding both versions myself.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. When I posted, neither showed seeds, and the hardsub (which I'm going for) still isn't as of 30 seconds ago. And I only am seeing six seeds for the mkv currently. Oh well, beats me, guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.

  7. I wish I knew more about bittorrent to help you out, but it looks like some connections are blocked for you. Maybe it's a firewall thing, or you could try changing your ports. Google would be a better help for you than I would, unfortunately. But that's how I improved my BT experience.

    I'm showing 20 seeds on the MKV, and 3 on the AVI right now. I wish that people would keep seeding, though. An hour ago there were a lot more.

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  9. I can use these scripts to translate to Spanish