Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kamen Rider episode 40!

Kamen Rider episode 40:
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This is it, one of the biggest milestone episodes of the series!
No use trying to hide the surprise, it was mentioned in the preview from last episode: Takeshi Hongo is back!  This is the first time we've seen the character since episode 13, and the first time that Hiroshi Fujioka has filmed his role in its entirety since episode 08!

Shocker plans a deadly new attack at the dawn of the new year.  They just happen to be testing this new plan in Switzerland, where Hongo has been investigating Shocker's European activity.  It's a race against the clock as he rushes back to Japan to give this vital intel to Hayato, where the two of them will face Shocker's newest Cyborg Monster... the abominable SnowMan!

This episode also marks the debut of one of the series' most iconic villains: Dr. Shinigami!  And he is a sight to behold.  A creepy, menacing old man with a sickly appearance and a short temper.  A classic Tokusatsu villain.  He was so iconic as a matter of fact, then when the mediocre remake movie "Kamen Rider: The First" flopped its way into theaters in 2005, they reused old footage of Dr. Shinigami as Shocker's leader!

What else can we say about this episode?  It's a blast.  It's great to see Hongo back, the action is high stakes and non stop, and it's a must see episode for new and old fans alike.  This is the birth of the original Double Riders!

So no detailed explanation of where we've been.  Life gets busy.  But we're back!  And our holiday releases aren't done just yet.  Stick around this week for more classic Tokusatsu action!  And while you're enjoying your holiday marathon, be sure to check out the Kamen Rider Christmas episode!  Our release was even mentioned in a hilarious article by ComicsAlliance!  We're honored!

Akumaizer-3 episode 02!

Akumaizer-3 episode 02:
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Sorry for the delay everybody, but we're back.  And happy holidays!
And have we got some presents lined up for you.

First up (finally) is the next episode of Akumaizer-3!  In this episode, well... let's just address the elephant in the room.  Brace yourselves for Darunia.  She's... something.  We accept no responsibility for damages caused by drastic reactions to her jarring visage.  But she gets a great scene out of Ippei, so I guess she's worth it in the end.

But on a more serious note, we learn the truth behind Zabitan's origins.  And in an instant, our hero's life will be forever changed!  It's a classic Ishinomori trope, further exploring what it means to be human.  And how you don't have to be born a human being to be a good person.

There's also some more gratuitous violence against a small child, and Jiro Chiba's awesome reactions.  What's not to love?

And join us again in a little while for Holiday Treat Part 2!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Our new series - Akumaizer 3 episode 1!

Akumaizer-3 episode 01:
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[Patch] - For the Frumix raws

Here it is, our new (long planned, sometimes blatantly obvious) secret series!
And what an incredible show it is.  One of Shotaro Ishinomori's often overlooked classics, this is another story of his that asks "what makes a hero heroic?"  The story of Zabitan, a cybernetic Demon rebels against his own people, an oppressive clan of demons that live at the center of the Earth.  Along the way, he makes friends and he gains allies - two fellow former Demon Clan soldiers, Ibiru and Gabura - and they fight against the evil Mezalord together.

In this series, the heroes are Demons.  Unlike Kamen Rider, they don't into their cybernetic forms, this is how they always look.  But even though they they look like monsters, they're true heroes.  Another classic Ishinomori theme of judging a book based on its cover.  The focus on this as an overarching story is what makes this such a unique tokusatsu series.

A fun gimmick on the show are the heroes faces.  Their facial expressions will change in quick animations, but they each feature several "masks" with different eye expressions.  It adds a ton of character to these costumed characters.
Also, the usually fantastic 70's tokusatsu score and stunt action are featured.  Not to mention some really wonderful cinematography.

And yes, that's Jiro Chiba as Ippei Shima - aka Taki Kazuya from Kamen Rider!

And here's your humble staff for this series.
Translation - Kou Aidou
Raws/Timing - Scissors Jaguar
Encoding - Mr. Frumix
Typesetting - Ignis, Scissors Jaguar, and Steel A Jeeg
Editing - Steel A Jeeg
QC - Steel A Jeeg

Be sure to give a big thanks to Kou and Scissors, who have been diligently working on this series for months before release.

Be on the look out for the next few episodes soon.  We'll be releases these regularly, along with Kamen Rider.  And watch out for Skyrider's triumphant return soon, along with another special surprise!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kamen Rider episode 38 and 39(v2)!

Kamen Rider episode 38:
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Kamen Rider episode 39(v2):
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It's weird to think, but we actually showed the last episode with Colonel Zol in it back in December, for Christmas.  But this will actually be the last time we see Colonel Zol.  It's a bittersweet goodbye.  We lose Colonel Zol and his scenery chewing presence, but we get the iconic Dr. Shinigami in return.

This episode is another scientist abuse episode.  Shocker goes to some great lengths to make sure that Dr. Seki and his daughter are miserable!  But seriously, Dr. Seki... don't be such a downer.  That man should come equipped with the sad sack mopey Charlie Brown music playing on loop.
And while we're on the subject, RayKing is creepy as heck!  Yikes!

We also get some pretty tense drama between Tachibana and Hayato.  An important moment for both characters.  And a classic bit with the girls taking shots at Taki.  All in all, a solid episode.  And it leads right into our v2 release of episode 39, the last episode of the Colonel Zol arc!

Which, of course, is leading up to a pretty big comeback...
But first, we've got a new series in the works.  It's been in the works for a while, actually.  But we're just hammering out the details.  Expect a first episode release soon.  And if you stop by some of our usual hangouts, you might catch a sneak preview!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kamen Rider episode 37!

Kamen Rider episode 37:
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Update: Script uploaded to Mega.  Packupload hates scripts, it would seem.

Oh well... it's been a while!
Where we've been has been well documented on our Twitter and Facebook page (come join us!)
From there you can follow us and get updates on new releases, warnings on extended delays, and meet some of the staff.

Instead of our usual ranting trivia filled release post, we've got some information about this release, and upcoming releases.
First off all, the big elephant in the room:

Yes, Transform.  It always should have been that way.  Our preference has always been to translate everything that should be translated.  Henshin got a pass, because of older fan nostalgia.  We referred to these guys as Henshin Heroes back in the day!  Also fans were used to it.  but it SHOULD be translated.  And it is now.  BUT... if you're still attached to the Henshin, don't worry.  You can select an optional subtitle track.  Just choose the track labeled "Henshin."

Which brings us to our second topic:  Releases.
From now on, NEW releases will be MKV only.  You'll still get a script, a torrent, and a DDL.  But the AVI releases will come later on.  This will make getting new episodes out faster, and will save us the trouble of having to reencode AVI versions if there are script errors.
Actually, we would really love to get a volunteer to help us with hardsubbed encodes and uploads.  If you're interested, drop us a line on the forum.

Want to know how to play MKVs?  It's really simple.
Get this - CCCP Codec Pack
And this - Media Player Classic
Boom.  You're set.  Enjoy smaller file sizes and superior video quality!

I won't say too much about the episode, but it's a good one.  Classic Rider action, but we get kind of cheated on the finisher!  Oh well, it's not as FLASHY but it's actually pretty brutal.  Yikes.  Speaking of brutal, watch as a bevy of Shocker badguys beat up a bunch of kids.  Oh good!

We'll be back VERY soon with Kamen Rider 38, and a special release to kick off our new show!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 32!

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 32:
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[Release Post and MP4 at Midnight Crew Subs]
Jo Shigeru has received the Super Electronic power up.  But can this new power be enough to stop the rootin' tootin' Baron Rock?  What about Baron Rock and Secretary of State Wolf together?  And then General Shadow shows up to make things more interesting... Yikes!  Things are getting out of hand for our hero.

This episode has a great dynamic going on between Baron Rock and Secretary of State Wolf.  The infighting between the Delza Army members is really the meat of these later episodes, and its a big part of what makes Stronger such a great show!

Things might also seem like they're getting out of hand for us here at KITsubs.  Well, they're not.  We're just working on a big release for our brand new series, as well as hitting some pretty cool milestones with our regular releases!  Stay tuned next week for Kamen Rider 37, and the debut episode of our new project!

PS: There was a little flub in last episode's script.  We'll release the v2 along with the batch torrent, but for now you can get the script here. [Episode 31 Script v2]

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 31!

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 31:
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[Release Post and MP4 at Midnight Crew Subs]

Update: Packupload is having issues again, so I moved the script download.  It's working now.

Reeling from the loss of Tackle, and facing the increasingly stronger Cyberdemons of the Delza Army, Jo Shigeru has seen better days.  And his battle with Major Skull couldn't be going much worse.  Tachibana is worried after Shigeru suddenly disappears. But when he returns, he comes back with his batteries recharged...

If you're a Heisei fan, this episode is a relevant milestone.  Stronger's Super-Electronic upgrade marks the franchise's first use of a power up form (yes, Kamen Rider gets an upgrade, but that's not the same.)  You could also say that Kabuto's Clock Up was a reference to Stronger's Charge Up call-out.  And if you want to draw even more vague connections, the part of the Kabuto Riders' belts that they hit to activate Clock Up is the same part of Rider 1's belt that activated his power up.  WELL NOW.

In other news, we're officially back.  Our side project with our friends is over, and we're ready to get back into the full swing of things.  Part of that is going to be v2s for our older releases, to get them up to the same level of quality as our newer stuff.  And to fix some annoying mistakes.
I don't know if you guys saw over on Facebook or Twitter, but we're going to focus on MKV releases only for the v2s.  It's going to make releases much faster, and the changes won't be drastically different from the currently available AVIs.  Don't worry, when we get around to releasing them I'll be sure to post a quick guide on the best way to play MKVs on your computer (it's super simple, I promise.)  AVI releases of some sort should follow in the future.

Well, that's it for now.  We'll be releasing some Stronger v2s soon, and we've got quite a few other surprises in store.  Not to mention a resurrected project...

Monday, April 1, 2013


This is a cross-post from our facebook page, where we've been very active with updates and information recently.  If you want to stay connected, get news on upcoming releases, or offer feedback, stay connected on Twitter and Facebook!

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I think we might go MKV only for our V2 releases. That means that we won't be reencoding any AVIs for older episodesNew releases will still have a dual release, though.
This is going to save a lot of time as we work on getting our older releases (which are quite a few!) on par with our newer stuff.

Expect to start seeing those soon, as we start to wind down on our work with Over-Time and Midnight crew on Jojo (yes, it was us, big surprise) and we start thinking about the future. And expect those Stronger V2s to be in full swing in the coming months.

Speaking of Stronger, guess what our next release is?
See you soon!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Kamen Rider episode 36!

Kamen Rider episode 36:
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(Note: For DDLs, you must now be logged in at KRDL.  See this link for more info.)
First of all: Sorry for the delay, guys.  If you want to read more about that (and how we've got a ton of new stuff on the way, and more time to work on them) you can see our Twitter and Facebook updates!

Now, on to the episode:  Shocker has unearthed an ancient evil.  And he's here to A Borro Borro and Ee Borro Borro, and he's all out of Borros.
And as much fun as an ancient babbling fire-breathing Mummy is, this episode  is really about Zol.  He's got some great scenes, some great reactions, and some all around awesome villainy to be had.

Also, check the script notes to see some wacky last minute writing and dialogue changes that must have went on with this episode.  There is a very hasty feel to the editing halfway through the episode, and you'll notice it.  It doesn't take away from the fun of the Rider's battle with Egyptus, but it certainly is curious.

We'll be back with some more Showa Rider action.  We're going to work on a few episodes of Stronger, as we pull into the home stretch and get ready to finish the series!  We hope to see you soon!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kamen Rider episode 35!

Kamen Rider episode 35:
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This episode has one of my favorite Shocker Cyborg name puns, a vicious knife fight, killer ants, and a string of fart jokes.  What more could you ask for?

It's a fun coincidence that this episode is very Taki-centric, because earlier this month was actor Jiro Chiba's birthday.  Although he retired from acting in 1982, he has nothing but good things to say about his time in Shotaro Ishinomori's universe.
He was born Mitsuho Maeda, and after Kamen Rider he would go by the name Jiro Yabuki, only to re-adopt the name Jiro Chiba again as of 2006.  Jiro is a bit of action star royalty.  His brother is the baddest hero in the whole damn town, Sonny Chiba.  The Street Fighter, Hattori Hanzo.  But Jiro has a pretty impressive list of credits too.  He was the trusted friend and comrade to TWO Kamen Riders, a detective with a good heart but lot to learn about equality in Robot Detective K, the human ambassador to the demons with the hearts of gold in Akumaizer-3, as well as appearing in the Bijinda arc of Kikaider 01.  He also guest starred alongside his brother in the definitely not for kids cult samurai film Makai Tensho, directed by Kinji Fukusaku of Battle Royale fame. And not to mention an impressive list of action movies and detective dramas.
Although he hasn't acted since 1982, he has appeared in interviews where he has had nothing but positive things to say about his time on Kamen Rider.  In 2006 he appeared at an event for Kamen Rider's 35th anniversary, and has recently met with Takeshi Sasaki to reminisce about their roles as action heroes, and revisiting some familiar locations from Kamen Rider's history.

Also celebrating a birthday this month, although unfortunately posthumously, is the big man himself; Shotaro Ishinomori.  His legacy is more than well known, but we'd still like to talk about some of his contributions to tokusatsu, comics, and the influence he had on many of us.  But we'll save that for the next post!

So enjoy the episode, come back soon for more trivia, and stay tuned for more episodes coming much sooner than our recent erratic schedule would have you expect!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kamen Rider episode 34!

Kamen Rider episode 34:
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In case you deliberately skipped episode 39 to watch the series in order: We've polished our episodes up a little with new typesetting and new timing.  But now we're sprucing them up even more, thanks these awesome new video encodes thanks you our friends at Bunnyhat Raws!

 In this episode, Shocker has a dastardly (and highly improbable) plan to blast Japan in twixt with a massive nuclear bomb.  And also mind-wipe a brilliant inspector that's on to their twisted schemes.  And also kidnap some kids, because WHY NOT.  But Hayato and Taki are there to take them down.


Stick around for one of the silliest finishing attacks in the history of the show.  It's a fairly infamous scene, if you've been around the internet.

But after that silliness is one hell of a depressing ending.

And some awesome trivia from our resident voice-master, JeffB!
This week features one of the bigger voice talents throughout Showa Rider, Ritsuo Sawa. The man has voiced monsters in every Showa series from the original all the way up to Super-1 and can be heard in other such shows like Kyodain, Chojin Bibyun, Battle Hawk, various Ultraman shows and CarRanger. In V3 he has the distinction of voicing Scissors Jaguar, the first monster to appear in that series (he also holds this distinction for Skyrider as well with ChameleonMan). As for the original Rider series, he's already appeared in episodes 6 and 27 and we'll continue to hear him throughout the series all the way until episode 82. As for his appearances in Stronger and Skyrider he appears in Stronger episodes 2, 7, 10, 11, 14, 17 & 19 and Skyrider episodes 1, 7, 19, 30 and throughout that series until episode 50.

In some site news, you may notice that all of the mediafire script links are dead.  Don't worry, we've already moved them over to Packupload.  Check the release page for new links as I get a chance to update them (this may take a while, so keep checking back!)
On that same note, we'll be updating the releases page so that all of our current releases are properly linked on there.  WOOPS~   Again, check back soon.
Update: All Kamen Rider links are up to date
Update 2: All Super-1 links are up to date
Update 3: All Decade Musical links and Hibiki scripts are up to date

Also this week, aside from our usual team (Sky79, HeatMetal, Scissors Jaguar, Steel A Jeeg, and now Bunnyhat Raws) we'd like to give a HUGE thanks to our friend Ignis, for helping us get this little propeller plane of an episode off the ground.  We'd be grounded if it wasn't for her this week!

Anyway, thanks for watching, and we'll be back soon with another action packed dose of Showa Rider justice!