Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kamen Rider episode 40!

Kamen Rider episode 40:
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This is it, one of the biggest milestone episodes of the series!
No use trying to hide the surprise, it was mentioned in the preview from last episode: Takeshi Hongo is back!  This is the first time we've seen the character since episode 13, and the first time that Hiroshi Fujioka has filmed his role in its entirety since episode 08!

Shocker plans a deadly new attack at the dawn of the new year.  They just happen to be testing this new plan in Switzerland, where Hongo has been investigating Shocker's European activity.  It's a race against the clock as he rushes back to Japan to give this vital intel to Hayato, where the two of them will face Shocker's newest Cyborg Monster... the abominable SnowMan!

This episode also marks the debut of one of the series' most iconic villains: Dr. Shinigami!  And he is a sight to behold.  A creepy, menacing old man with a sickly appearance and a short temper.  A classic Tokusatsu villain.  He was so iconic as a matter of fact, then when the mediocre remake movie "Kamen Rider: The First" flopped its way into theaters in 2005, they reused old footage of Dr. Shinigami as Shocker's leader!

What else can we say about this episode?  It's a blast.  It's great to see Hongo back, the action is high stakes and non stop, and it's a must see episode for new and old fans alike.  This is the birth of the original Double Riders!

So no detailed explanation of where we've been.  Life gets busy.  But we're back!  And our holiday releases aren't done just yet.  Stick around this week for more classic Tokusatsu action!  And while you're enjoying your holiday marathon, be sure to check out the Kamen Rider Christmas episode!  Our release was even mentioned in a hilarious article by ComicsAlliance!  We're honored!


  1. about time seems like ill be 50 yrs old by the time ep98 comes out.......

  2. Yeah, at the current rate, it'll take roughly 15 years to get to episode 98. Doesn't stop me from being excited every episode though.

  3. When they get on the boat it says that the boat's top speed is 2 knots, 887 km/hr. What's up with that? 2 knots is about 3.7 km/hr. Can't be the travel distance either because that speed over 25 hours would be under 100 km,

  4. Thank you!
    And suddenly there are more seeds for some of the older episodes too, I've only ep26 left without seeds (or a DDL) so if anyone could seed I'd appreciate it.

  5. I've been watching your subs using the Bunny Hat Raws and they seem to work fine except for Episode 13. At 13:24, there is additional footage with Taki and Ruriko, which was not seen in the old raw you had, but was seen in the movie version. As a result, the rest subtitles play late. I'm assuming the raw you used was the broadcast version, while the Bunny Hat Raw was the same as the movie version of Episode 13.