Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Double Release! Akumaizer-3 episodes 09 and 10!!

Akumaizer-3 09:
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Akumaizer-3 10:
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We're back! Now that Kamen Rider Drive is has ended (check it out at Over-Time) we're ready to get back to regular releases! And to start, we've got an Akumaizer-3 two-parter!

Darunia has helped the Akumaizers numerous times in the past, but why is she so reluctant to join their side?  And why is she protecting the ruthless Demon Clan commander, Majoluka?
Plus all the flammable rain and cat grenades you can handle!

*With this release, we extend our deepest apologies to Kou Aidou for the delay in getting episodes out.  Jeeg will be reaching out to you soon to offer a pint of blood and a swatch of flesh for his poor social grace.

In other news: We may be moving the website soon!  Stay tuned for more information!  And look forward to our next release!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kamen Rider Skyrider episode 34!

Kamen Rider Skyrider 34:
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It's been a while, hasn't it?  Sorry to keep you waiting!  We hope you've all been enjoying our work with Over-Time on Kamen Rider Drive lately!

But back to the 70's...

NeoShocker sends two monsters to Japan to obtain a dangerous new serum-- one that can turn human beings into vegetables!  This sounds crazy, but when you realize that they want to use these vegetables to feed their army of monsters... well, it's still crazy.  But evil and crazy!  Can Skyrider alone stop OctoGang and MantoKong?

This episodes marks the debut of fan favorite (although not so much back when this came out) comic relief character GanGanG, your typical well meaning blowhard who's out of his element.  Personally, I love his wacky hijinks.  If you're worried about a change of tone on the show, you'll be fine.  That ship sailed back when Hiroshi got his power ups.  It's still the same great action, and the same great late Showa style.

And get ready for a special guest!

No more 5 month hiatuses for a while, guys.  We'll be back with the next episode of Skyrider soon, but first... another new Akumaizer-3!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kamen Rider episode 43!

 Kamen Rider episode 43:
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Hey guys! We're back from holiday hiatus, and we have another incredible episode for you!

But first: If you're looking for more Kamen Rider Drive episodes, then head to Overtime's page.  We're still helping with the project, but we weren't around to make update posts this past month!
Hopefully you already knew where to find the latest episodes, because it's been really good.

Kamen Rider Drive episodes @ Over-Time

On to this week's episode: Hayato is framed for attempted murder, and Shocker has managed to pit friend against foe!  Emi and Taki vs... Kamen Rider 2?!  This is a catastrophe!  But what could be the reason behind their sudden and unexpected betrayal...?