Friday, January 23, 2015

Kamen Rider episode 43!

 Kamen Rider episode 43:
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Hey guys! We're back from holiday hiatus, and we have another incredible episode for you!

But first: If you're looking for more Kamen Rider Drive episodes, then head to Overtime's page.  We're still helping with the project, but we weren't around to make update posts this past month!
Hopefully you already knew where to find the latest episodes, because it's been really good.

Kamen Rider Drive episodes @ Over-Time

On to this week's episode: Hayato is framed for attempted murder, and Shocker has managed to pit friend against foe!  Emi and Taki vs... Kamen Rider 2?!  This is a catastrophe!  But what could be the reason behind their sudden and unexpected betrayal...?