Saturday, February 19, 2011

Secret Project Revealed!!

Do you know what significance today's date holds for Tokusatsu fans?  Today, February 19th, is Kunihiro Fujioka's birthday... better known as Hiroshi Fujioka, the original Kamen Rider!

And what better way to celebrate the birthday of the man that put the TOH! in Kamen Rider than by unveiling our new series.  Kamen Rider - Season 1!

The series that kicked off the long standing, and much loved franchise is one that has seemingly eluded the attention of sub groups over the years.  It has always been my personal favorite.  And now, thanks to the help of our two translators UK Windom and Sky79, we can finally bring this show to you.

First, we have the first FOUR episodes.  These were originally translated and timed by an anonymous poster on 4chan's /m/ forum about a year ago.  Apparently, anyway.  No information was given.  The scripts were posted with little fanfare, and no more were released.  When KITSubs first started, I retimed these scripts to work with the DVD quality raws at from Momotaros Raws Revolution, who graciously provides all of our raws.  Here, I'd further improved the timing.  As well as completely re-edited the scripts from begining to end, added the opening and ending themes, and uploaded them.  These aren't V2s of the previous scripts, these are basically brand new, with many changes and corrections.

And finally, we have the completely new episode 5, translated from scratch by us, and it will mark the start of our new project!  From 5 on, this will be KITsubs second dedicated project.  Expect alternating releases of both Kamen Rider and Skyrider in the future!

What can I say about this series that hasn't already been said?  It's a landmark.  It started a phenomenon.  But, disregarding all of that, it's a fantastic show.  There's a tone to these stories that feels unique to any other tokusatsu show...  unique to any Rider show, for that matter!  The stunts, the costumes, the music, it all feels perfect for the story being told.  And the sharp writing only helps moves those stories along.  If you've never watched an older Tokusatsu show before, you're in for a treat.  If you've got hesitations about watching a show that's celebrating it's 40th Anniversary this year, then give it a try anyway.  You'll be surprised how good these shows hold up!

Kamen Rider - Season 1

01 - The Mysterious SpiderMan
02 - The Terrifying BatMan
03 - Monster, ScorpionMan
04 - Cannibal Sarracenian
05 - Monster, MantisMan

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skyrider Episode 06!

Sorry for the long delay!  Between work, school, and the holidays, the KITsubs team was pretty bogged down.  Especially Mr. UK Windom, who somehow managed to fit this episode into his hectic workload.  However, we have a new translator who's been helping out with some scripts; Sky79 on the /m/subs forums!  So hopefully now we'll be able to keep a better pace.

In this episode, Hiroshi Tsukuba faces one of NeoShocker's most disgusting monsters yet.  MushroomMan is that kind of sickening grotesque that makes the skin on the back of your neck crawl.  Kamen Rider will use the kind, trusting heart of a young girl to help defeat this putrid monster!  There's also plenty more General Monster badass-ery, and a particularly BRUTAL scene involving stairs and a wheelchair.  Seriously, even with the late 70's special effects I was kind of startled.

Also, I'd like to announce a new project we're working on.  We'll call it Project IVIIIVIIII.  Thanks to the help of Sky79, I've decided to try working on another show that I've had my eye on for a long time.  I won't say too much now, but I have the script in my hands, and I'm slowly working on fixing it up.  Hopefully this will be a project that I can work on without too much help from UK Windom, so it won't take any time away from his work on Skyrider.
It's not Super-1, unfortunately.  For now, Super-1 is on indefinite hiatus.  There are too many fancy sci-fi terms for a struggling new translators to take on.  It will be a surprise, though!  You can also follow us on Twitter now, for more updates on the status of both projects as they happen!

Skyrider Episode 06