Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kamen Rider Episode 25!

Kamen Rider episode 25:
[MKV] [Script] [AVI] [MKV Torrent] [AVI Torrent]

Update: DDL links are active! Thanks for your patience.
Did you really think we would stop because of a little digital apocalypse?  There's justice to be had!  And we've got a great episode for you.  The conclusion of Rider 2's battle with MushrooMorgue.  This episode has everything you could want from a Kamen Rider episode.  The stakes are higher than ever, the whole team gets in on the fighting, and we get a lot of familiar tropes.  And it's all awesome.

The DDL links are coming soon.  We're trying something new for our DDL links this week.  We've teamed up with the guys at to bring these episodes to you.  When you get a chance, take a look at their site.  You'll have to register there to download episodes.  But the downloads are fast, and they're reliable.  And you don't have to worry about dealing with shady sites that are trying to fill in the gap that Megaupload left.  Of course, we've also got torrents for tonight's episode too!  So pick your method of delivery, and enjoy.  We're still working hard to get our archive back online, and thanks to the team at KRDL that should happen sooner than later!

Thanks for watching, we'll be back next week with Skyrider 24, and the Skyrider batch torrents!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Internetapocalypse, 2012.

Imagine for a minute that Ouja is Filesharing services, and Vegeta is... well, something punching them all in the stomach with lasers.  I don't know, I lost my analogy.  The point is, most of the filesharing services are closing shop.  Not all of them, but so far most of the big ones are no longer in service.  Fileserve, Filesonic, are down or limiting service, along with all of their clones and affiliated sites.  So that leaves very few options.  Also, Multiupload has yet to come back with a new list of mirrors, so we're waiting to see what happens with them.

So what does this mean?  Well, not much beyond the inconvenience of having to use torrents.  We're pretty much set on doing torrent releases along with batch torrents.  What that means for you is that you should get the file early, while it's still easy and fast to download.  As most of you know, a torrent is at its fastest a few hours after it's released.  After that, don't worry.  I'll keep everything active.  But it will be slower.

As for DDL sites, we're still looking into some stuff.  We're not totally out of options, so don't worry.  Definitely don't panic, because we're not GOING anywhere.  This is just another shift in the paradigm of fansub watching.  If you're an old man like me (30... grab my cane!) then you remember how much things have changed over the years.  From Napster, to winMX, to Limewire, to torrents, to Rapidshare, to Megaupload, and now...  well, back to torrents.  And don't forget IRC.  We used to do THAT for our subs back in the day.
Well, actually, back in "the day" we had VHS distros.  But that's a time long since passed, thankfully.

The point is, we're here.  We're going to adapt, and we'll find more options for those of you that can't torrent.  Don't worry, I'm too crazy and obsessed over these silly old shows to leave you all hanging.  And if the tumultuous climate of the internet's politics these days is getting you down, like it is for me, then you could probably use a good helping of cyborg superheroes to cheer you up.  So I owe you guys that much.

See you again in a few days with Kamen Rider 25.  Get your bittorent client of choice ready.  Hopefully we'll have some other options available, too.  Thanks for watching, as always!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kamen Rider - Batch Torrents!

In light of the Megaupload shutdown, we've decided to finally start releasing episodes via torrent.  I know a lot of you right now are shaking your computer screens violently, shouting "It's about time!!"  I know, I know... I'm slow to accept change.

In all seriousness, Multiupload has been very slow these past few days.  And many of the episodes mirrors will need to be replaced (we're working on that now, please let us know which episodes are down, and we will replace them as soon as we can!) So this all leads to it being the perfect time to release batch torrents.  We're starting with Kamen Rider, since we're releasing episode 25 next week.  So if you've been waiting to dive in to the original series, now's your chance!  We have two batches of episodes, each in both available formats.  Remember to seed the torrents as long as possible!  I put these up last night, and before they were even announced my computer was running so slow that I'm amazed I even typed out this post!

Kamen Rider Batch Torrents:
MKV - 
Batch 1 (01-12)
Batch 2 (13-24)
AVI - 
Batch 1 (01-12)
Batch 2 (13-24)

Also, starting next release, we're going to include torrents for individual releases too.  That way, no matter how hectic and uncertain the digital sharing frontier gets, we'll have a backup for getting episodes out there.

So we'll see you again soon, with another incredible episode of classic Kamen Rider action.  Keep an eye out in the meantime, and let us know if there are any dead links on the downloads page.  And we'll have Skyrider batches out sometime soon, so I really appreciate your patience with all of this.

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megaupload shut down, reuploading scripts.

I'm sure you're all aware of the news about the US government shutting down Megaupload.  While we don't use Megaupload for our releases, we did use them for scripts.  And they were an integral part of Multiupload's service.  We are currently reuploading all of our scripts to Megaupload, and replacing the links on our Release Page.  Check the comments section of that post for updates.  Until then, we've uploaded all of our Kamen Rider and Skyrider scripts in two complete batches.

Kamen Rider Scripts (1-24)
Skyrider Scripts (1-23)

These are tough and uncertain times on the internet.  Unfortunately, fansubs will always fall into a grey area that kind of prevents us from speaking out about copyright issues like this.  For me, as a member of a fansub group, to post on an episode release blog about WHY this is unfair seems like a conflict of interests.  But there is plenty of information out there if you want to know why this kind of thing is a gross misuse of power.

So we're still here, and we'll be on track for next week's release.  But in the meantime, if you find ANY old links that aren't working, please feel free to tell us!  Either here, on twitter, on our facebook page, or on any of the forums where we post.  We'll do our best to reupload any dead links asap!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kamen Rider Episode 24!

First of all,  I would REALLY like it if you guys checked out our Facebook page.  I'm sure you're all aware of what's going on with the internet today.  I won't get into it here, but I've been pretty vocal about it on our Facebook page.  So please go take a look!

Ok, with that out of the way... we have a great episode for all of you tonight!  Shocker finds a new human to modify into one of their twisted creations... and he's probably their best candidate yet!  A truly repulsive criminal that takes joy in inflicting suffering on others.  Can Kamen Rider stop him before he spreads his deadly poison and attacks innocent children?

Kamen Rider episode 24:

Big thanks to our friend and collaborator Kou from J2Epro Translations for help error checking, again!

This time around, we have a lot of trivia for a bunch of different actors in this episode!

First up is from our friend Igadevil, one of the most recognized fans of Showa Kamen Riders on the internet:
"Fujino Sachio (who plays the human form of MushrooMorgue in this episode - Jeeg), is in so much Rider it's not even funny. He's also High Priest Wing in V3.  He was back in episode 13 as one of the two security guards, he'll turn up again in episode 30. He's one of the Ono Ken-Yukai guys, they're all over the place as extras or bit parts. Shocker scientists, etc..."

 Then from Sky79, our main translator for Kamen Rider:
Hiroko Hayashi (Kimiko in this episode - Jeeg), in about ten years later she will marry Hisao Kurosawa, a son of Akira Kurosawa
 She also played Kasumi, in Henshin Ninja Arashi.

Also, we have a new-old-face showing up in this episode!
Hirohisa Nakata (Dr. Koike in this episode - Jeeg) - this man [was supposed to] play Taki Kazuya. He played the title character in the series "Captain Ultra" .. and in Skyrider that karate master Ryoichi.

You might remember Ryoichi, from Skyrider episode 9 with the Dojo Killer.
He was also in Kamen Rider Amazon, as Emperor Zero, and he was Mason in Chodenji Bioman!

PHEW.  That was a mouthful.  Handful?  Typeful?  Whatever...
We'll be back next week (if there's still an internet to come back to!) with a new episode.  Right now we're looking at Skyrider 24 for next week, but we might finish Kamen Rider 25 early so we can complete to two-part story.  Maybe... you guys now how much I love leaving a cliffhanger.

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 23!

That screenshot says it all.  What a way to celebrate coming back from vacation than with a double serving of Rider Kicking?  All things said, this isn't as momentous an occasion as Stronger's appearance a few episodes ago, but we're starting to establish a status quo for the Riders here.

Also, we have yet another episode of Japanese media with a plot involving "Human Bombs."  I always find this particular trope to be kind of gruesome for a children's show.  All "shows for babies" jokes aside, it's a pretty harsh concept to wrap your head around!

Skyrider episode 23:

OH, and if you like Kamen Rider V3...
You should check out Generation Kikaida (dot com.)  They sell the complete series of Kamen Rider V3, subtitled in English, with TONS of trivia, background information, and special features.  They're a great company, and they do a lot to bring classic Tokusatsu to DVD in the US.  It would mean a lot to them (and us!) if you would support any official English language releases of shows like Kamen Rider V3.  Or Kikaider, Kikaider 01, and Inazuman (my personal favorite!)

Thanks for being so patient with us, everyone.  Between the holidays, personal obligations, and "real life," things really got out of hand.  But we're back now, and we're happy to bring you more classic Kamen Rider episodes!
Be sure to come back next week for Kamen Rider 24.  And thanks for watching!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back from vacation, Happy New Year!

Welcome back, everyone!  We're sorry for the hiatus.  We had a half-planned, half-unplanned Holiday vacation for the past few weeks.  I hope you all enjoyed your holiday, and that the new year is treating you well!

Now that all of the members of our big network of sub groups are getting back down to brass tacks, so to speak, we're getting ready to settle back in to our release schedule.  But before that, I wanted to drop you all a line and let you know that we're still here, we still have plenty of new episodes on the way for you, and we really appreciate your support for our little group.

Starting this week, we're going to change our release day to Wednesdays.  This is something I (Steel A Jeeg) have been considering for a while now, and I feel like it just makes sense.  This gives me more of an opportunity to contact members for last minute corrections without having to compete with weekend distractions!  It also means that we won't be releasing around the same time as our friends at Over-Time, so new viewing material will be spread out better during the week.

Well, that's it for now.  Like I said, sorry for the delay.  Things came up, the holidays were as hectic as usual, and schedules were unreliable.  But now we're back, 2012 is shaping up to be a huge year for Tokusatsu entertainment, and we're ready to get back to work.

We'll see you again in two days with Skyrider episode 23!