Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kamen Rider Episode 25!

Kamen Rider episode 25:
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Update: DDL links are active! Thanks for your patience.
Did you really think we would stop because of a little digital apocalypse?  There's justice to be had!  And we've got a great episode for you.  The conclusion of Rider 2's battle with MushrooMorgue.  This episode has everything you could want from a Kamen Rider episode.  The stakes are higher than ever, the whole team gets in on the fighting, and we get a lot of familiar tropes.  And it's all awesome.

The DDL links are coming soon.  We're trying something new for our DDL links this week.  We've teamed up with the guys at to bring these episodes to you.  When you get a chance, take a look at their site.  You'll have to register there to download episodes.  But the downloads are fast, and they're reliable.  And you don't have to worry about dealing with shady sites that are trying to fill in the gap that Megaupload left.  Of course, we've also got torrents for tonight's episode too!  So pick your method of delivery, and enjoy.  We're still working hard to get our archive back online, and thanks to the team at KRDL that should happen sooner than later!

Thanks for watching, we'll be back next week with Skyrider 24, and the Skyrider batch torrents!


  1. Even though I've seen this show already it was raw so I could only understand about half of what was said.Now I've got the entire story and it makes so much sense now.I always found Hayato's arc to be a little dull but maybe with subs it could be more interesting.

  2. Thanks for the new episode and the info! How have I never even heard of KRDL before???

    As for signing up, any idea what they class as a disposable email address (as these are forbidden)? Are Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc no good?

  3. jajajaja and they were saying that your group would never reach the 25 episodes mark, this will show them

  4. @Mchaser - I felt the same way, but he's really growing on me with this project. Maybe it's because I've already come to terms with Hongo being gone for a while...

    @Garia - I used a gmail to sign up, so that should be fine. Our episodes are going to be there soon. Just remember, some groups (like Overtime) aren't represented there, so it won't be a "one-stop-shop" for your fansub needs. Not yet, anyway.

    @leandro - I hope so! I was doubtful myself, but if I could I would make sure the whole thing gets finished!

  5. Thanks, I managed to register with my Yahoo account and will keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't get deleted. Now for a good rummage in the downloads section!

    I'm happy to use torrents where necessary, but I'm definitely glad to find an independent DDL site dedicated to the world's greatest TV shows :-)

  6. Hi Steel A Jeeg.I've got a request,Is that okay? It's quite a big one,that's why I'm asking if it's okay first.

  7. Well, I'd need to know what it is first!

  8. lol Long story,get ready!I'm guessing by your screen name you are a fan of classic robot cartoons just like me!Any way there has been a show I've been looking for for the longest,the original Tetsujin.After two years of fruitless searching I found episodes of the show near complete.I have all eps on my spare HD but most of the DDLs for the show are dead(you know the reason why)and I fear that the ones that do work will be down soon too.I feel I have a duty to let other people see the show,so I thought I'd make a torrent on nyaa but I don't know how...but YOU do.So I was thinking I could send you the eps via email and you can make a torrent of it on nyaa and make sure it's properly seeded to keep it alive.Told you it was big.

  9. Both DDL links are dead, and the torrents not seeded anymore :( I was hoping to complete my collection here