Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 24, Batch Torrents!

Kamen Rider Skyrider episode 24:
[MKV] [Script] [AVI]

This release post might seem a little rushed, because I've been incredibly busy with KITsubs stuff this week.
For this release, we have Skyrider 24!  In this episode, a disillusioned scientist is a jerk to his little sister.  But that's ok, because she starts hearing voices due to the horrible way he treats her.  No, seriously...
Skyrider won't stand for MosquitopoxMan's plan to poison all of Japan, and exploit the work of an emotionally unstable young scientist.  This is one of the best Skyrider episodes we've released, trust me!

So, you want to watch Skyrider but you haven't seen ANY of it yet?  Well, remember what I said about being busy... tonight, we ALSO have batch torrents for ALL of Skyrider.  Everything we've released so far.  Tonight's episode is included in the Episodes 13-24 batches.  There is no individual torrent for episode 24.  If you want to download that episode by itself, just get the batch torrent, and uncheck all of the episodes you DON'T want.  See, it was simple!

Kamen Rider Skyrider Batch Torrents:
Episodes 01-12 [MKV] [AVI]
Episodes 13-24 [MKV] [AVI]

Also, also... speaking of busy again, everything is back online.  Over the course of the evening, I'll be adding links back to our release page.  I've reuploaded everything.  From Skyrider and Kamen Rider, to the one episode of X that we did, and the Hibiki episodes.  It's all back online.

BUT... if you should ever come across a dead link, then is hosting ALL of our regular series releases.  All of them are online right now, and new episodes will be added a day or two after they show up here.  If you're ever missing an episode, and the link is dead here (or you want faster download speeds,) then you can always find them at KRDL!

Jeez, that's a lot... it's been a busy week.
Come back next week for another episode of Skyrider!  Probably one of the most bizarre, and potentially emotionally scarring, that you've EVER seen!


  1. It seems that you are now re-uploading all the death Filesonic links to Fileserve. I'm sorry to say that Fileserve (along with Megaupload) is blocked in Malaysia since July last year. No way Malaysians can download all your neat subtitled stuff via Fileserve.

  2. You can!
    Just head over to, all of our releases are hosted there. They're not going to come out the same day, though. Probably a day after they're released here, you'll see them on krdl.
    And there's also the torrents. We've got you guys covered!

  3. Skyrider's great. airing the first 4 episodes in my livestream channel and people love it!

  4. please hurry finishing this series

  5. Knpe torrent x jalan2 ni..stay mcm tu ad..