Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kamen Rider episode 42!

Kamen Rider episode 42:
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Hayato, Taki, and the Tachibana Racing Club are back in action!
Shocker's twisted mad scientist, Dr. Shinigami, has enlisted a local delinquent to become Shocker's new Cyborg monster, FlyMan!  But this cold blooded Cyborg killer isn't going to get his hands dirty, he's going to use the Rider's friends to do his dirty work for him!
Will Hayato be able to defeat FlyMan while his own friends are trying to kill him?!

After Hongo's return last episode, this arc can feel easily forgotten.  Especially when there's a lot of plot reuse going on.  But they're some of the best Hayato episodes.  He really gets some time to shine as a hero of his own without being the replacement that he was once thought of.  Not that we here ever thought of him as a replacement.  And this is all leading up to Hongo's permanent return, so their two personalities can stand on their own!
And more great stunts in this episode.  Check out that massive air Taki gets outside the mansion.  Nice!

Also, we've spruced up our Kamen Rider releases too!  Just like Skyrider and Stronger, we've got some new tricks up our sleeves to make these episodes look nicer than ever.  Be sure to check it out!

Come back at the end of the week for more Skyrider and Akumaizer!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 35!

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 35:
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The header image says it all, Kamen Rider V3 is on the scene!
Following the horrifying Marshal Machine (no seriously) from Egypt, Shiro Kazami arrives just in time to help Stronger in his battle!  Marshal Machine and Snake Woman launch an unrelenting attack against Stronger, as General Shadow and the Delza Army move into full on onslaught against the Rider!  And to make matters worse, Snake Woman has the power to drain Stronger's electric energy!

Delza's plans are moving into their final phase and Stronger is overwhelmed... will he  be able to stop them in time?

As many of you know, we recently helped out a little with Over-Time's Kamen Rider Gaim and Wizard movie.  And while it was a very fun movie, it really goes to show you how much cooler these classic crossovers were.  The heroes were on each other's side, palling around and offering advice.  They had a real rapport.  It was fun watching them on screen together.  These days it's expected that the Riders will cross over at some point, but seeing them actually interact is such a rare treat.  And let's not get started on how the Showa guys get treated...
I'm not saying the newer crossovers aren't fun, they are.  But episodes like this really shine on their own, but even more so when compared to their modern counterparts.

We hope you enjoyed tonight's release.  Come back on Wednesday for Kamen Rider episode 42!

PS: If you're looking for more Kamen Rider V3 action, the entire series is available from Generation Kikaida!  Visit them at  Please support official english Tokusatsu releases.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Akumaizer-3 episode 06!

Akumaizer-3 episode 06:
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Kappado has a secret that he's trying to keep secret, despite it being literally on top of his head 100% of the time... A secret that ties him to Gabura, and in turns drives his hatred for Gabura.  Will the Akumaizers be able to stop Kappado from flooding Tokyo with his Demonic powers in time?  And will Gabura be able to make him see the error of his ways?

As I'm sure you all know by now, the themes of this show are overcoming stereotypes, interpersonal drama, and becoming more than the sum of your parts.  Overcoming personal adversity.  And it's what makes the show so memorable.  But for some reason, it's almost unbearably sad when it happens to Gabura.  He's not too bright, but his big dumb heart is in the right place!

And some sad news to go along with this episode.  If you follow Tokusatsu news, or if you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, then you know that we lost another great voice acting legend this past week.  Koji Yada, who played Ibiru in Akumaizer-3 (and Dr. Gero in Dragonball, among many other roles) passed away atthe age of 81.  You can read more here.
He added so much to the role of Ibiru, and when combined with his unique design, helped to create one of the most memorable classic Tokusatsu characters ever.  Ibiru is a personal favorite of mine, so I may be biased, but Koji Yada infused the character with such personality.  His tic of switching between very formal and very relaxed speaking is such a part of his character that I can't imagine any other actor playing the role.  A very sad day, but hopefully we can honor his legacy by enjoying one of his great performances.

We hope you enjoy this episode, we'll have more Akumaizer soon.  But coming up next is Kamen Rider Stronger.  And some surprises after that...  We'll see you soon!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kamen Rider Skyrider episode 32!

Kamen Rider Skyrider episode 32:
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First of all, welcome back Skyrider!  It's been a while.

Admiral Demon, GoldJaguar, and WolfsbaneTron have defeated Skyrider. A poison arrow has put him out of commission so that NeoShocker can continue using slave labor to build a statue of the Great Demon, and summon Great Leader.
But Keisuke Jin, the X-Rider, might have something to say about all of this...
The long-awaited conclusion to the thrilling two-parter, officially kicking off Skyrider's crossover arc!

You'll notice a few new things.  First, the new typsetting.  Nothing crazy, just some very appropriate font suggestions thanks to Ignis from Over-Time. She worked hard on this, and we really appreciate it!
And the big one, this is the first Skyrider episode where we're using Bunnyhat's raws, and MAN can you see the difference... the video quality on these episodes is gorgeous.  A big thanks to Bunnyhat for providing them!

We're going to be releasing more Skyrider soon, so check back in soon!  But up next (tomorrow night, actually) is Akumaizer-3!  We'll see you soon!