Friday, April 27, 2012

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 26!

Download links and info at Midnight Crew's release blog!

We've been working with MCS on Stronger for a few episodes now, but we decided to make it an official joint project!  That way we can justify spending more time on these releases!

Also,  for the sake of a good segue, this episode was TL checked by our friend HeatMetal from Over-Time.  Who just so happens to be our new TL checker here at KITsubs!  He'll be helping us with the original Kamen Rider from here on out, so be sure to drop him a line and say thanks!

This episode of Stronger is a big one.  Without spoiling too much, it's safe to say that the conflict between General Shadow and Black Satan finally comes to a head.  Stronger still has Dead Lion's pendant in his hands, but Great Leader and Dead Lion will do whatever they can to get it back!  Is Stronger ready to face the fury of the TRUE great leader?

ps: This episode has one of the SILLIEST reveals of all time.  Seriously...

So enjoy the episode, guys!  We'll have more Stronger (as well as V2s of the older episodes) soon, keep your eyes on Midnight Crew's site for more info.  And be sure to check out their other releases!

We'll be back next week with Skyrider 28, where Hiroshi learns the tricks of the trade from the heroes of the past!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 27!

Kamen Rider Skyrider episode 27:
[MKV] [Script] [AVI] [MKV Torrent] [AVI Torrent]

Update: Torrents are up, and (hopefully) running!  Fixed the CRC for the AVI, new download link added. (Thanks, Gantar!)

It's been a while!  If you want to know where we've been, and why this update has taken so long, check the last update.  And Facebook, where I've done plenty of complaining about how hectic things have been!

In this episode, NeoShocker pulls out all of the stops.  Two action commanders, two plans to destroy Japan, an army of reconstructed monster cyborgs, and a tank that can shoot neo-nuclear warheads!  How will Skyrider be able to stop them?
Spoiler... he won't!  By himself, anyway...

These next few episodes officially introduce Skyrider into the pantheon of Kamen Riders.  It also serves to differentiate him from the Riders he was originally an homage to!  That includes a costume change, coming up very soon, that leaves much to be desired.  Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of the original costume.  But, such is life...

We're back on track now, so far.  So expect more episodes soon.  That goes for our regular releases, and our joint project with Midnight Crew for Kamen Rider Stronger.  Thanks for being so patient!

Note: DDL links are directly linked to now.  You do not have to register to download episodes!  Let us know how you like it, and be sure to thank Sol from KRDL for his help during this hectic time for the internets!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

KITsubs - Status, Updates, and Rambling News

Ok, before we get to anything else, yes... we are aware that Filesonic is dead.  That's ok, they were really only a backup for our releases.  The torrents are still up (Remember to seed!  And let me know here, on twitter, or on Facebook if a torrent needs to be seeded!) and all of our files are still available on

About they're doing a HUGE favor for us.  They're hosting all of our files, but they're also going to allow direct linking for us.  So soon (by next week, I promise) all of our DDL links will be updated to point there.  They've also changed their policy for downloads, so now ANYONE can download.  No account or registration necessary.  Be sure to thank them for saving the online Toku fandom just in the nick of time.

As for the delays... yes, there were a lot.  And they were all from me (Steel A Jeeg)
It was my daughter's birthday last week, and we had family visiting for the month.  After that, my kitchen decided to commit suicide, so things have been VERY hectic lately.  Thankfully, most of that is over (my kitchen is still a shambles) but we're on track for new releases.

As for new releases:
  • Kamen Rider is getting a serious Rider Kick in the pants, thanks to our new guest team member, Heat/Metal from Overtime.  He's going to help us with TL checks on newer releases.  So we'll be getting plenty more episodes out, soon.
  • Sky79 and UK Windom have both finished new scripts for Kamen Rider, and Skyrider.  Check the project status on the right side of the page.
  • Sky also finished a HUGE batch of Stronger scripts for Midnight Crew Subs, that we'll be working on soon.
  • Speaking of Stronger, we're officially calling it a joint project now.  So that means we'll be spending more time working on those scripts, and treating them like our own releases.
  • Super-1 05 is still on track, but Kou (pro TL checker extraordinaire) has been busy/absent, so we're going to move forth with our other scripts while we wait for her to have some free time.
So that's everything, for now.  It was unfortunate timing that we were away (read: I was away) during the Internetapocalypse part 2.  But everything is settling down now, so we should back to business now.  Thank you all for staying with us while things were so crazy.  We'll see you again during the week with Skyrider 27!

PS: As you can see, I'm using Instagram now.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty addicted to it.  Add me (steelajeeg) if you want to see more pictures of silly toys!

Edit 04/09/12 1:30am - All Kamen Rider download links updated and working on the Release Page.  Expect Skyrider updated later today.