Saturday, September 29, 2012

Double Release: Kamen Rider Stronger 29 and 30!

Kamen Rider Stronger episodes 29 and 30:
29 - [MKV] [Script] [AVI] [MKV Torrent] [AVI Torrent]
30 - [MKV] [Script] [AVI] [MKV Torrent] [AVI Torrent]

Let's get the formalities out of the way first.
So, this is a first.  Links to a Stronger release posted directly to KITsubs?  Well, things are changing a little (very little) with Stronger.  Basically, we realized that we're REALLY close to finishing the series along with Midnight Crew Subs.  So we decided to make our little joint project official, and kick it into high gear.  So none of the technical aspects of the releases are changing.  Just expect to see them properly linked, with v2s of older releases coming in the future.

Now, for the episodes...  These are BIG episodes.  Like, milestone episodes for the entire Kamen Rider franchise, let alone for the series.  As Stronger continues to fight his way through the ranks of the Delza Army's officers, their warriors grow more and more desperate.  After Wild Eagle's defeat, Staff Officer Steel has taken charge in the assault on Stronger.  But lurking in the shadows, the demonic witch Doctor Kate sees an opportunity to gain the upper hand.

The rest... well, we'll discuss that after the cut.  Only read this AFTER you've watched the episodes.  Spoilers abound.  You've been warned:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Kamen Rider Skyrider episode 30!

Kamen Rider Skyrider episode 30:
[MKV] [Script] [AVI] [MKV Torrent] [AVI Torrent]

It's been a while!  But here we are, back with another batskunk crazy episode of Skyrider.  Seriously.  Bat. Skunk.  Crazy.
In this episode, a boy from South America and a Tapir have magical powers, and a class of grade school students are subjected to sheer psychological torture.  Possessed by a dark bloodlust, they go on a mission to slaughter adults.
This is seriously one of the craziest episodes we've done.

So is it any good?  Well, yeah!  The crazier the better!  And what's more entertaining than a bunch of murderous children?  We also get to see some new Skyrider attacks, and Admiral Demon making drunken jokes that aren't very funny.  Ah, c'est magnifique.  A superb sampling of nut ball Showa Rider action.

So that's it.  Now we're back to another three months of hibernation.
I mean, NO!  We're going to be back soon with some of those episodes on that INCREDIBLY long to-do list on the right, over there.  Probably some Stronger.  Also, if you check out our releases page, you'll see that we added entries for the entire backlog of Stronger.  We'll be getting to that soon.  Now that it's officially a KITsubs project (still being overseen by MCS members) we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

So we'll see you again MUCH sooner than we made you wait last time.  Promise.  Pinky swear, even!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And we're back

Hey guys, Jeeg here.  We're back from vacation.  And by we, I mean I'm back from vacation.  It was a little longer than I anticipated, due to some reasons I'll get to towards the end here, but we're officially up and running again (and I'm slowly trudging through my emails and private messages)

Up very soon this week is Skyrider 30, but before that I wanted to let you know that yes... we are back.  And also give you some updates on some stuff.

The big news is Stronger.  We are officially taking on Stronger as a full-time project, due to some recent shakeups over at Midnight Crew.  I don't know their official status, so please direct all questions over to them if you have any.  What I do know is Stronger, and I know that the same team that's been working on it for the past few episodes (Sky79, HeatMetal, Castiel, and me) will continue with that project as planned.  We're also going to be re-releasing the first 20 or so episodes with polished up scripts, along with bringing them up to the quality of the most recent episodes.

Smaller, less positive news... that second translator we were test driving still hasn't quite worked out yet.  We'll definitely let you know as soon as we do.  Until then, I'm sure there will be some developments on Super-1, so don't count him out yet!

And to end on a SLIGHTLY more positive note, we're currently working on getting some new raws for Hibiki.  So expect that long-dormant project to get off the ground again in the relatively near future!

Now for the boring stuff.  So as you know, KITsubs is a relatively small team.  Summer wasn't really a productive time for us, but that's due to our own personal schedules.  Still, I'm usually around to stagger releases, work on backlog, get some scripts out for checks, QC, etc... But this summer I took a particularly long (and relaxing) vacation before coming home to settle in to a new job.  So the vacation lasted a little longer than I initially anticipated.  I also had a birthday in there somewhere (shhh, it's a secret!) so things were much more hectic than I anticipated for a while.  But I'm back now, and the rest of the team has been for a while now.
In regards to that new job, that might mean that our release day will change again soon.  For now, I want to say Friday nights, but don't hold me to that.  We're aiming for weekly releases as usual, and for now that's the day that works best for me.  But again, we'll keep you posted on Facebook and Twitter about any changes.

If you'd like to follow me directly on Twitter, you can find me as @DogBarkingBees (Note: Expect salty language)
You can also follow my personal Tumblr, where I post lots of progress info on KITsubs releated stuff, as well as silly screen shots and the usual Tumblr junk.  JeegBees @ Tumblr.

And that's that.  Sorry for the long update, but I like to keep things as transparant as possible here.  I know a long hiatus can be scary with sub groups, even when they promise that they're coming back (I can think of one in particular...) so I figured the more information, the better.  And thanks for reading!  We'll see you guys soon with some new releases.

- Jeeg