Saturday, September 29, 2012

Double Release: Kamen Rider Stronger 29 and 30!

Kamen Rider Stronger episodes 29 and 30:
29 - [MKV] [Script] [AVI] [MKV Torrent] [AVI Torrent]
30 - [MKV] [Script] [AVI] [MKV Torrent] [AVI Torrent]

Let's get the formalities out of the way first.
So, this is a first.  Links to a Stronger release posted directly to KITsubs?  Well, things are changing a little (very little) with Stronger.  Basically, we realized that we're REALLY close to finishing the series along with Midnight Crew Subs.  So we decided to make our little joint project official, and kick it into high gear.  So none of the technical aspects of the releases are changing.  Just expect to see them properly linked, with v2s of older releases coming in the future.

Now, for the episodes...  These are BIG episodes.  Like, milestone episodes for the entire Kamen Rider franchise, let alone for the series.  As Stronger continues to fight his way through the ranks of the Delza Army's officers, their warriors grow more and more desperate.  After Wild Eagle's defeat, Staff Officer Steel has taken charge in the assault on Stronger.  But lurking in the shadows, the demonic witch Doctor Kate sees an opportunity to gain the upper hand.

The rest... well, we'll discuss that after the cut.  Only read this AFTER you've watched the episodes.  Spoilers abound.  You've been warned:


  1. Thank you for making kamen rider stronger sub more that ever... Sayonara daisuki Tackle.... Jo Shigeru will continues you`re legacy of fighting against delza army

  2. Awesome thanks ^^

    Do you plan to sub the movie as well (i mean for the others series since the stronger movie is just episode 7) ?

  3. Thank you.. ust did finish download it, by the way. did you have plan to recover back kamen rider X from OOZ. OOZ has stop it after 6 episode

  4. Christ, I've known this was coming since around the same time as I started watching Stronger, since I'm constantly spoilered, but it hits me almost as hard as the end of Jetman. Watching Tachibana crack up when he knew, but Shigeru didn't was heart-wrenching.

  5. This was a terrific post that I really enjoyed. I have a lot of feelings about Tackle, and I think this entry did her proud. Thank you!