Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 27!

Kamen Rider Skyrider episode 27:
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Update: Torrents are up, and (hopefully) running!  Fixed the CRC for the AVI, new download link added. (Thanks, Gantar!)

It's been a while!  If you want to know where we've been, and why this update has taken so long, check the last update.  And Facebook, where I've done plenty of complaining about how hectic things have been!

In this episode, NeoShocker pulls out all of the stops.  Two action commanders, two plans to destroy Japan, an army of reconstructed monster cyborgs, and a tank that can shoot neo-nuclear warheads!  How will Skyrider be able to stop them?
Spoiler... he won't!  By himself, anyway...

These next few episodes officially introduce Skyrider into the pantheon of Kamen Riders.  It also serves to differentiate him from the Riders he was originally an homage to!  That includes a costume change, coming up very soon, that leaves much to be desired.  Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of the original costume.  But, such is life...

We're back on track now, so far.  So expect more episodes soon.  That goes for our regular releases, and our joint project with Midnight Crew for Kamen Rider Stronger.  Thanks for being so patient!

Note: DDL links are directly linked to KRDL.info now.  You do not have to register to download episodes!  Let us know how you like it, and be sure to thank Sol from KRDL for his help during this hectic time for the internets!


  1. I'm sorry if i'm rude,

    but the CRC code for this episode (avi ver) = 18D27AD9

    though the file name's said its Ef2A3875

    dunno which one was true

    i suggest its must be corrupt when you upload the video

  2. That's what I got when I tried to generate it. We don't usually do it, but KRDL uses them.

    I'll look into it. Thanks for the help!

  3. Good to see you're still on track despite all the horrors of DIYing.

  4. With the crc, it is correct what jeeg has done, re-download if you're having trouble :)

  5. Hello friends! my name is johnny and I'm from Argentina. Congratulations for this contribution. I hope they continue with this series, can not find it anywhere. you saved my life. thanks and remain so!