Friday, April 27, 2012

Kamen Rider Stronger episode 26!

Download links and info at Midnight Crew's release blog!

We've been working with MCS on Stronger for a few episodes now, but we decided to make it an official joint project!  That way we can justify spending more time on these releases!

Also,  for the sake of a good segue, this episode was TL checked by our friend HeatMetal from Over-Time.  Who just so happens to be our new TL checker here at KITsubs!  He'll be helping us with the original Kamen Rider from here on out, so be sure to drop him a line and say thanks!

This episode of Stronger is a big one.  Without spoiling too much, it's safe to say that the conflict between General Shadow and Black Satan finally comes to a head.  Stronger still has Dead Lion's pendant in his hands, but Great Leader and Dead Lion will do whatever they can to get it back!  Is Stronger ready to face the fury of the TRUE great leader?

ps: This episode has one of the SILLIEST reveals of all time.  Seriously...

So enjoy the episode, guys!  We'll have more Stronger (as well as V2s of the older episodes) soon, keep your eyes on Midnight Crew's site for more info.  And be sure to check out their other releases!

We'll be back next week with Skyrider 28, where Hiroshi learns the tricks of the trade from the heroes of the past!


  1. Only Stronger can defeat the pure evil of sleeping-bag spider.


    Stronger is one of my favorite Rider series ever and by far my favorite of the Showa series. So much sweeter to see that smilin' face here on KIT.