Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kamen Rider episode 42!

Kamen Rider episode 42:
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Hayato, Taki, and the Tachibana Racing Club are back in action!
Shocker's twisted mad scientist, Dr. Shinigami, has enlisted a local delinquent to become Shocker's new Cyborg monster, FlyMan!  But this cold blooded Cyborg killer isn't going to get his hands dirty, he's going to use the Rider's friends to do his dirty work for him!
Will Hayato be able to defeat FlyMan while his own friends are trying to kill him?!

After Hongo's return last episode, this arc can feel easily forgotten.  Especially when there's a lot of plot reuse going on.  But they're some of the best Hayato episodes.  He really gets some time to shine as a hero of his own without being the replacement that he was once thought of.  Not that we here ever thought of him as a replacement.  And this is all leading up to Hongo's permanent return, so their two personalities can stand on their own!
And more great stunts in this episode.  Check out that massive air Taki gets outside the mansion.  Nice!

Also, we've spruced up our Kamen Rider releases too!  Just like Skyrider and Stronger, we've got some new tricks up our sleeves to make these episodes look nicer than ever.  Be sure to check it out!

Come back at the end of the week for more Skyrider and Akumaizer!


  1. How do you patch the episode? I tried it with the latest xdelta (both 32 and 64 bits) using the -d and -s switches and it keeps telling me the source file is invalid and to check the source.

    Also, if it does use xdelta, shouldn't the patch's file extension be .xdelta ?

    1. I'd like to ask the same thing, how this one file patche the episode anyway, please upload the v2 and not the patch because this one seems doesn't work.

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  3. you'll make a lot of progress doing these releases on a weekly basis..

  4. Any chance you guys will sub the Kamen Rider vs Shocker (1972) movie?

  5. I think the team should focus on the original show because its too long

  6. you have abandoned the project ??
    various fan SUBS depend on completion of this project, please continue subbing.

  7. Any chance on batching and reseeding some episodes after 24? It does not appear that they have any seeders.