Monday, January 23, 2012

The Internetapocalypse, 2012.

Imagine for a minute that Ouja is Filesharing services, and Vegeta is... well, something punching them all in the stomach with lasers.  I don't know, I lost my analogy.  The point is, most of the filesharing services are closing shop.  Not all of them, but so far most of the big ones are no longer in service.  Fileserve, Filesonic, are down or limiting service, along with all of their clones and affiliated sites.  So that leaves very few options.  Also, Multiupload has yet to come back with a new list of mirrors, so we're waiting to see what happens with them.

So what does this mean?  Well, not much beyond the inconvenience of having to use torrents.  We're pretty much set on doing torrent releases along with batch torrents.  What that means for you is that you should get the file early, while it's still easy and fast to download.  As most of you know, a torrent is at its fastest a few hours after it's released.  After that, don't worry.  I'll keep everything active.  But it will be slower.

As for DDL sites, we're still looking into some stuff.  We're not totally out of options, so don't worry.  Definitely don't panic, because we're not GOING anywhere.  This is just another shift in the paradigm of fansub watching.  If you're an old man like me (30... grab my cane!) then you remember how much things have changed over the years.  From Napster, to winMX, to Limewire, to torrents, to Rapidshare, to Megaupload, and now...  well, back to torrents.  And don't forget IRC.  We used to do THAT for our subs back in the day.
Well, actually, back in "the day" we had VHS distros.  But that's a time long since passed, thankfully.

The point is, we're here.  We're going to adapt, and we'll find more options for those of you that can't torrent.  Don't worry, I'm too crazy and obsessed over these silly old shows to leave you all hanging.  And if the tumultuous climate of the internet's politics these days is getting you down, like it is for me, then you could probably use a good helping of cyborg superheroes to cheer you up.  So I owe you guys that much.

See you again in a few days with Kamen Rider 25.  Get your bittorent client of choice ready.  Hopefully we'll have some other options available, too.  Thanks for watching, as always!


  1. Rapidshare apparently is still working with no plans to bury their heads in the sand.

  2. Damn it's really all over isn't it? Pretty soon they might stop torrents too! Good thing I got all those raws in time. Still hanging in there I see.There will come a time where you'll just have to take your ball and go home.We are up against powers we can't hope to overcome.

  3. try bayfiles.

  4. Mchaser, it's kind of impossible to shut down torrents. Even if they shut down the trackers, it's still peer to peer. So don't worry. There are plenty of other options.

    Chiron - We're currently backing up some files with Rapidshare. They have a good, reliable service. But they're a little slow, and they have limited space.

    ayachan - we're planning to use Bayfiles for new releases, actually!

    Thanks for the input, everyone!

  5. This is a bit off topic but does anybody happen to have those Robot Detective episodes that DFF subbed. I know they subbed all but a few. I've only been able to find 1-6 on tokusatsuEU. Or do you atleast know of any decent toku forums I can ask on? Thanks.

  6. That's wonderful! And the torrents have alot of seeds already! Good luck with the project.Fight the power!!!

    PS If you guys need raws of the later episodes don't be too shy ask.

  7. Thanks, MChaser!

    megagreen335 - I have them, but unfortunately my upload speeds are really slow. Try registering at Henshin Justice Media Matrix ( maybe when I'm done repairing Skyrider's links I'll see if I can torrent it for you (and everyone else!) and I'll post the link on that forum.

    1. That would be great! I actually registered there awhile ago to download KR Kabuto dubbed in English.