Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skyrider Episode 06!

Sorry for the long delay!  Between work, school, and the holidays, the KITsubs team was pretty bogged down.  Especially Mr. UK Windom, who somehow managed to fit this episode into his hectic workload.  However, we have a new translator who's been helping out with some scripts; Sky79 on the /m/subs forums!  So hopefully now we'll be able to keep a better pace.

In this episode, Hiroshi Tsukuba faces one of NeoShocker's most disgusting monsters yet.  MushroomMan is that kind of sickening grotesque that makes the skin on the back of your neck crawl.  Kamen Rider will use the kind, trusting heart of a young girl to help defeat this putrid monster!  There's also plenty more General Monster badass-ery, and a particularly BRUTAL scene involving stairs and a wheelchair.  Seriously, even with the late 70's special effects I was kind of startled.

Also, I'd like to announce a new project we're working on.  We'll call it Project IVIIIVIIII.  Thanks to the help of Sky79, I've decided to try working on another show that I've had my eye on for a long time.  I won't say too much now, but I have the script in my hands, and I'm slowly working on fixing it up.  Hopefully this will be a project that I can work on without too much help from UK Windom, so it won't take any time away from his work on Skyrider.
It's not Super-1, unfortunately.  For now, Super-1 is on indefinite hiatus.  There are too many fancy sci-fi terms for a struggling new translators to take on.  It will be a surprise, though!  You can also follow us on Twitter now, for more updates on the status of both projects as they happen!

Skyrider Episode 06


  1. \O/,,,, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, finally another episode, and am eagerly awaiting the next ;D!!

  2. Hooorayyyy,...
    Thanksss for the Hard work...
    Finally, All Tokusatsu mania can enjoy the Sky Rider Eps. 6...

    It's just my suggestion
    But if you don't Mind...
    Please reconsider to use Torrent or MediaFire
    because the size of the file is too big...

    Gan ba te nee......
    Arigato Gozaimasu...

  3. For now, it doesn't make sense for us to use torrents for such small releases. There will never be enough seeders to get a good speed.

    I would suggest using Jdownloader. Search for it on google. It makes downloading DDL links so easy. I actually prefer it to BitTorrent these days!

    And thanks for the support!