Monday, October 25, 2010

Skyrider Episode 05!

In this episode; A little girl tugs at our heart strings, a monster makes an entirely unsurprising return, and Kamen Rider will prove just how much he loves smashing through walls.  Seriously, they should have just called this show "Kamen Rider Wallsmasher"
Pay attention to that first fight with VenomBeeMan.  It's an excellent fight scene, with some funky background music!

Now for some serious business.  The script for this release is probably NOT compatible with the raws available online.  There a video error in the original video we used to translate this episode that causes the video to go out of sync with the external subs.  For now, please download the MKV until we find a better raw.  I fixed the original video file as best as I could, and used that for the MKV.  You will notice a small defect in the video, but everything will play normally after that.

Enjoy the episode.  And hey, if you like Kamen Rider, and maybe also TOYS...  go check out my Tumblr and see how I waste my time and money.

Skyrider Episode 05
Softsubs (See above, this probably won't work with any available raw.  Download at your own discretion)


  1. Thanks for more SkyRider, You are the best!
    And, a little question... Are you do a Sentai Series or more Kamen Rider Series?

  2. For now, only Skyrider. After we finish, we'll see what happens!

  3. Thank you for more skyrider!

  4. hye guys.
    just want to say i love ur subs.
    thank you for subbing Showa riders, i've been searching for it.

    u guys just make my dream come true. haha.
    dont die on us yet KitFansubs.:) Live On~

    now i understand why people said Skyrider is awesome. thank you again for the releases.

  5. Hey guy add me on the msn

    - -
    Oroshikun ;D

  6. Thanks for subbing my favorite rider!!! Kitsubs rocks!

  7. I can't find download links for Skyrider ep 1, or 2. Can someone help me find them?

  8. Thanks for Subbing Sky Rider...
    I really can't wait for the other series..
    Arigato Gozaimasu

    @Roger: Look for "Welcome to KITsubs!" post.

  9. the RAWs were a super-1 reup, will continue?

  10. Sorry for making a request.
    If you don't mind, plz upload the files to Mediafire or torrent plz...

    Thanks before...
    Thanks for you hard-work
    I really appreciate...
    Ganbate ne...

  11. Is the project still alive? I'm dying to see more SkyRider awesomeness!

  12. The project IS alive, we've just hit a temporary snag. We've got another episode coming sometime soon! In the meantime, please spread the word for our little group. We could really use some help translating.

    I've got a few little surprises waiting in the wings, too!

  13. Thx for answering man :)
    I'd help you, but my japanese still sux, ya know? ^.^'