Sunday, October 17, 2010

The man with the Golden Heart... 04.

Kamen Rider Super-1 episode 04.  A wedding?  Doppelgangers?  Did we stumble into the plot of a daytime soap opera?  Oh, never mind, space Kung Fu saves the day!  It's another great episode, and that monster design is pretty fantastic, too!

Also, I guess I spoke too soon last time.  Our translator is alive and well.  He was just... waiting for me to get off of my lazy butt and get these episodes out there.  And now that they're released, we can get on with our semi-regular release schedule again...

Well, kind of.  Unfortunately, this is the last stop for Super-1.  We never intended to continue the series after episode 1.  Originally, we only did episode 2 to finish the origin story of Super-1, which was a two-part story.  The reception for the first two episodes was so good that we continued on to 3 and 4.  But it comes down to a choice between struggling to continue subbing two shows, or working hard to complete one of them.  We might come back to it one day, but for now this will be the last Kamen Rider Super-1 episode we release.  There's a possibility that we could continue the show, but we'd need a second dedicated translator to help with the Super-1 releases.  See my plea for help last update for more information on what exactly we're looking for.  If you think you can help, please do!  Otherwise, pass the word along and maybe we can get two long-awaited Showa series finished.

Until next time... See you, Space (Kung-Fu) Cowboy.

Super-1 episode 04



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