Friday, September 27, 2013

Our new series - Akumaizer 3 episode 1!

Akumaizer-3 episode 01:
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[Patch] - For the Frumix raws

Here it is, our new (long planned, sometimes blatantly obvious) secret series!
And what an incredible show it is.  One of Shotaro Ishinomori's often overlooked classics, this is another story of his that asks "what makes a hero heroic?"  The story of Zabitan, a cybernetic Demon rebels against his own people, an oppressive clan of demons that live at the center of the Earth.  Along the way, he makes friends and he gains allies - two fellow former Demon Clan soldiers, Ibiru and Gabura - and they fight against the evil Mezalord together.

In this series, the heroes are Demons.  Unlike Kamen Rider, they don't into their cybernetic forms, this is how they always look.  But even though they they look like monsters, they're true heroes.  Another classic Ishinomori theme of judging a book based on its cover.  The focus on this as an overarching story is what makes this such a unique tokusatsu series.

A fun gimmick on the show are the heroes faces.  Their facial expressions will change in quick animations, but they each feature several "masks" with different eye expressions.  It adds a ton of character to these costumed characters.
Also, the usually fantastic 70's tokusatsu score and stunt action are featured.  Not to mention some really wonderful cinematography.

And yes, that's Jiro Chiba as Ippei Shima - aka Taki Kazuya from Kamen Rider!

And here's your humble staff for this series.
Translation - Kou Aidou
Raws/Timing - Scissors Jaguar
Encoding - Mr. Frumix
Typesetting - Ignis, Scissors Jaguar, and Steel A Jeeg
Editing - Steel A Jeeg
QC - Steel A Jeeg

Be sure to give a big thanks to Kou and Scissors, who have been diligently working on this series for months before release.

Be on the look out for the next few episodes soon.  We'll be releases these regularly, along with Kamen Rider.  And watch out for Skyrider's triumphant return soon, along with another special surprise!


  1. Thanks for finally subbing this great and unique series!

    1. ScissorsJaguar has invited you to join him in our humble abode, for a SECRET meeting of minds.

      (Posted on his behalf, since he doesn't have an account to comment)

  2. Wow!

    I was recently wondering if anyone would be going to subtitle this...


    BTW: do you mind if I translate this to spanish, adding a new sub track to the mkv and giving proper credit to you?

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    1. Stupid browser...........Anyways thank you very much for doing this sub been wanting to watching for awhile

  4. I really enjoyed watching that. Massive thanks to Kou, Scissors, Frumix, Ignis, and Jeeg!

    In addition to the all those things you mentioned that are so great about this show, the voice actors who play the demons do a really great job as well. Zabitan is voiced by Captain Harlock himself, Makio Inoue. One of the finest seiyuu ever in my opinion.

    Another fantastic Ishinomori show in the KITsubs if all those episodes of KR'71, Stronger, Skyrider and Super-1 weren't awesome enough!

  5. I got to take a peak at this series. I like it... it can grow on you. Can't wait for more. :)

  6. Fantastic! Thanks for taking this on! This show's had me curious for a while now.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...

  8. My translation to spanish is available here:


    I've wanted to see this WHOLE series, translated and...IT'S EPIC!! Thank you, I love you for deciding to sub this series.

    Can't wait to see more, especially cause I love the character Darunia, Zabitan and all the others :D ^_^

  10. What an awesome choice for a fansub!!! Patiently awaiting future episodes!