Monday, May 30, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 12!

This is a strange one, folks.  The writers, obviously faltering for storylines that DON'T involve Hiroshi Fujioka, have decided to rely less on stock footage (except for that scene with Hongo in the blue racing jumpsuit...  again!) and more on the amazing supporting cast.  The previous episode could have been called "Kamen Rider:  Monster Incorporated," while this one seems more like "Ruriko Rider!"

What we have here is a story about Ruriko that fails as a Kamen Rider episode, but still manages to be incredibly entertaining.  It feels more like a side story than an episode of this series.  Kamen Rider is barely in it!  But, while it is a very flawed and choppily edited episode, it is a ton of fun to see Ruriko on the prowl.

And we get to meet one of the goofiest, most lethargic monsters ever.  Every minute he's on screen is a treat, if only because he's so bizarrely deadpan.
Anyway, enjoy the episode.  Have a happy memorial day, and look forward to next week's episode:  The last Hongo episode for a good while!

Kamen Rider Episode 12:

Translation note:  Nobody knows, in any language, what a Gelas is!  If you have any ideas, let us know.  It could very well just be a Toei make-em-up word that we'll see more of as the episodes progress.


  1. At 09:53 of Kamen Rider SkyRider episode 1, there is some untranslated dialogue.

  2. "Nobody knows, in any language, what a Gelas is!"
    Well Gelas is Glass in Bahasa (Indonesian Language), and it probably derived from English too. But maybe it's true that it was just a Toei make-em-up word that merely coincidence with the meaning of glass in Bahasa. Hope that would help..:p

  3. @Henshin Legacy: You're right! Woops! I'll see what I can do about a fix.

    @Taufiq: It means "glass" in Japanese, too. At least written in katakana (which it is!) But it doesn't make any sense in context.

    Although I saw an interesting theory on the forums, but the comment seems to have disappeared. You should register and ask about it!

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