Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 09!

 I'm going to include the links first, for this episode.  Because there's a lot of background on this episode that I want to cover, but I don't want people to see a wall of text and miss the link.  So here's Kamen Rider episode 9.  Enjoy!  (Also:  HUGE thanks to Starseeker and Chokutsuu who helped with translating a huge chunk of Kanji in this episode.  If you're over on the /m/subs forums, be sure to say thanks!)

Kamen Rider episode 9:

   Well, this is it.  This episode and the next, "The Revived CobraMan," are the last two episodes with NEW footage of Takeshi Hongo out of his suit for a long time.  And that new footage is few and far between, with most of actor Hiroshi Fujioka's scenes being reused from previous episodes.
   The reason?  During the filming for this episode, Fujioka was injured in a motorcycle accident.  The injury would prove debilitating enough that it left Toei scrambling to find a way to continue filming their new runaway hit TV show.
   Their first solution?  Reuse existing footage of Takeshi Hongo, and dub over his voice in post production.  Even the new footage used this dubbed voice, actually.  It was common practice on TV shows in the 70's, especially in Japan, to dub the voices over for scenes where audio recording might prove difficult.  Hiroshi Fujioka was injured before he had a chance to record his ADR lines, so his replacement VA took his place.

   A little info on Hongo's voice actor:  Rokuro Naya is one of Toei's go-to voices for Rider 1 in the early days, when they couldn't (or didn't bother to) get Hiroshi Fujioka.  Ironically, he's the brother of Great Leader's voice actor Goro Naya!  As of this post, he's still an active VA in the industry, with many anime and dubbing roles under his belt.
   His voice is noticeably different from Fujioka's, so the difference was jarring to fans.  Eventually, Toei received so many complaints about the patchwork effort to continue the series that they decided to go with a second, decidedly more successful, solution.  Most of you probably know what that is already.  If you don't, you're in for a treat!  And you'll find out...  in a few episodes.

If you've read this far, then thank you for humoring me.  We've got more episodes on the way.  Hopefully we'll have episode 10 done with TL check and QC by next week.  Also, we've got a fanpage on Facebook now!  Come by and "like" us, if you're a true friend of justice!

(Bonus video after the cut)

Someone on /m/ just posted this amazing mini-biography on Hiroshi Fujioka (including his incredible samurai skills, at the begining of the video!)  It even has a re-enactment of the accident I mentioned earlier.  It's entirely in Japanese; but even if you can't understand any of it, it's an incredible look into the life of the man that breathed life into a super hero.

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