Monday, May 23, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 11!

    I don't know how many of you have been keeping up with the new Kamen Rider releases, but our friends over at Over-Time recently released Kamen Rider Movie Wars: Core...  and it was a huge sloppy mess.  Not through any fault of theirs', mind you, those Over-Time boys did the best they could.  It was just a mess of a movie, that I had a lot of hope for.

    But we're here to wash that foul taste out of your mouth!  This week's Fujioka-less episode of Kamen Rider actually has a lot of parallels to Movie Wars: Core.  There's a ballerina getting brutalized, the badguys are targetting weddings, and the star of the show is only half in-character! (Hiyoooo)

    But more importantly, what we have here is an entertaining episode.  Another creepy church plot (my favorite!) and Taki makes his series debut!  Tachibana and co hatch a plan to stop Shocker in their tracks, while Hongo is strangely absent.  And Ruriko looks particularly attractive in glasses and a wedding dress...

Kamen Rider Episode 11:

Translator's notes after the break:

    This episodes monster is named "GebaCondor."  Now, before you go and accuse us of not translating that name, let me interject.  Geba is actually a German word meaning "Power" or, more specifically, oppressive power.  In Japanese, it's a borrow word that can also mean "Violence."  But, specifically, political violence (subjugation) as opposed to violent acts.  Seeing as the geba in GebaCondor is written in katakana, it's apparently the German version of the word (which fits in with the theme of future monster names)
    Also, GebaCondor appears to be a pun on the word "gebaruto" (gebacondoru) which is a term for a violent political radical.  Also derived from the german word for power.

So there you have it.  His name is GebaCondor.  It's not untranslated.  If you want to alter the script to use a proper translation for Geba, something like "Subjugation" or "Totalitarian" would be appropriate.  The more you know!


  1. So -- any plans for after episode 15?

  2. Excellent, it always makes me super happy to visit the blog and see new episodes up. Thank you very much for keeping the faith!!!

  3. Kit does not know if I am translating his work into Portuguese, I am a Braziliam fansub.Kamen Rider den fansubs

  4. @VW: More episodes. We're just working on getting some more of Skyrider finished while we have a good backlog of KR1 scripts.

    @Shonokin: Thanks!

    @Nik Den: Go ahead, and good luck with your project!

  5. Thanks a lot for giving Kamen Rider the subing justice it deserves! Also thanks for the explanation on Geba. Kind of reminds me of that Starfish Hitler thing on Kamen Rider X

  6. Is there a way that I can get in touch with the translator? I have something I would like to discuss with him.

  7. KITSubs,
    The German word you're looking for is "Gewalt", which is rendered as 「ゲバ」(or "Geba") in Japanese, for short (the longer version is the "Gebaruto" you speak of). I was one of the translators on Generation Kikaida's television and DVD presentation for KAMEN RIDER V3 (INAZUMAN, KIKAIDA, etc.), and as a life-long Showa Rider fan, I've mulled over translations of all of the kaijin names from KR through S1.

    Hope this helps and keep up the fantastic work!

    The Good, The Bad, and Godzilla

  8. Ruriko is so beautiful!I would love to have sex with her.And Taki got on my nerves a little during Hongo's return.He always tried to hog the spotlight.I always said to the screen "the show is called Kamen Rider,let HIM be the star"!Oh well I suppose he has his moments.