Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 10!

This episode was cursed, I'm sorry.  First, we had problems uploading the files;  Then, as I went to put the links in this post, I realized that I completely messed up a part of the script.  Woops.  Ugh.  Well, that's all behind us now.
This Fujioka-less episode is vastly superior to the one before it.  Although there are still some particularly mismatched voice overs for Hongo, the action and the plot are better.  And there's more Tachibana to make up for the half-Hongo.
Also, this show is starting to have a "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"-level of unfortunate ends for dogs!
(*I could be biased about this episode, because the villain Ritsuko Ayakouji is incredibly attractive.)

Next week we've got a particularly nasty Condor, a wedding, and the unofficial introduction of Agent Taki.  Be sure to check it out!

Also:  Big thanks for the nice shout out from our friends at Over-Time.  You boys are all right.  Check out their work on Kamen Rider OOO, and Gokaiger.  Two great tastes that taste great together!

Kamen Rider Episode 10:


  1. And Pet Shop...! I mean, I liked him. It isn't a dog but anyway.

  2. Don't forget all of the nameless dogs throughout the series. Like the two that Petshop eats... or the one from the beginning of the Morioh chapter. Or the one on the Ferris Wheel in Kakyoin's dream world...

  3. Also there was Reimi's dog... poor little thing. I never saw so many dead dogs in a manga.

  4. Araki must like cats. There's a few poor cat deaths (like that one that Dio ran through during timestop) but for the most part, they get to be pretty badass. Like a certain kitty in the Morioh act!

  5. Yes, I think so too. Killer Queen itself looks like a cat, and while carrying Stray Cat, she's strangely cute. There's also that cat in that Under Execution Under Jailbreak side story that totally kicked his owner's ass.