Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 11 - 20!

These took a little longer than I had originally planned, I'm sorry!  We'll have the next batch out sooner, I promise.
This batch is pretty great.  We've got KickHopper menacing General Shadow, PunchHopper depressing everybody, Decade being a jerk, and ZX serenading us...  well, almost.  The next batch won't take as long, I promise!

Let's Go Kamen Riders! Net Movies 11-20:
MKV batch 
AVI batch

The AVI batch is going to come out later on, along with V2s for the first batch, because the fonts came out looking like absolute garbage.  That is, unless I just have access to more fonts on my computer than I thought, and that's why the MKVs look fine to me...  oh well.

And speaking of fonts, a brief note on translations:  Some people have been asking why we only translate SOME of the on-screen text in these episodes.  It might seem selective, but it's actually really simple.  Some of that text is just the dialogue that's being spoken at the time.  These seems to be common in Japanese humor, having big bold text flash onto screen whenever something funny happens.  To avoid screen clutter, I've only translated the text that needed it.

Also, puns.  Yes, there are some tricky puns in these episodes.  I covered it when I first released the original FLV encodes of Net Movies 1-8, but some Japanese puns just don't translate well into English.  For some of these puns, I've done my best to make them funny, while still retaining the original intentions of their literal translation.  BUT, if you'd rather see the more accurate puns, I've included them in the scripts.  Just wait until we release those, and you can choose a more literal version of those jokes.

Thanks for watching, everyone.  The AVI batch will be coming in a separate release post.  And tomorrow night we have another double-feature special for all of you.

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