Monday, August 15, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 14!

Things have started to change around here.  In Skyrider's story, and in real life at KITsubs.
In regards to Skyrider, anyway, the story has started to shift in tone.  Last episode we saw the begining of Skyrider's "after-image transformation," something he will become known for in the future.  This episode we see a small change in the cast, and a story that doesn't try to be an homage to the original Kamen Rider, so much.  From here on out, things will start to change more and more.  Especially after the finale of the first arc, in a few episodes!

This episode itself is fantastic.  We have a particularly dangerous fight scene on top of a roller coaster, and another dangerous looking fight on ice skates.  It's a climactic episode with a lot of great action.  There's really not a lot more than can be said.
But pay attention for Hiroshi's "TOH!" after he transforms!

Skyrider episode 14:

To in preparation for that finale, we're going to release more Skyrider over the next few weeks.  We're not dropping any series, just concentrating more on our first project!  We should be caught up to Kamen Rider in a few weeks.  Speaking of Kamen Rider, did you know that today is Takeshi Hongo's birthday?  So why don't we have a Kamen Rider episode for the occasion?

We recently lost our translation checker for Kamen Rider 1.  He was an integral member of that team, and when he left the group, the project kind of fell into chaos.  There was no drama involved, as is the case with a lot of sub groups.  He just stopped communicating with us.  Don't worry, he's all right.  Whatever his reasons were, they're not known to us, and probably important to him.
Right now, a helpful volunteer (who will remain anonymous until he gives me the OK to mention him by name!) has offered to help out with some scripts.  Whether or not he will do so regularly is yet to be seen.  But our first draft scripts are getting better and better, so the TL checker's job shouldn't be that big in the future.

That said, we are looking for a dedicated TL checker.  It would be an enormous help with projects like Kamen Rider, Hibiki, and the Net Movies.  If you can help, or know anybody that can, please drop us a line here or on the forums!
And speaking of those Net Movies, we have more coming soon.  As always, thanks for watching!


  1. Isn't Fujioka's birthday in February?

  2. It is! But today is Takeshi Hongo's birthday. So... a fictional birthday. I know, not very exciting... ;.;

  3. I was excited. Yeah for Hongo! And I hope you guys get the help you need. I would help, but I don't know Japanese.