Monday, August 22, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 15!

This week's episode of Skyrider raises the stakes.  Things are getting more serious for Hiroshi Tsukuba's battle against NeoShocker.  And now he must face the particularly gruesome PenicilliuMan.  His plot is a little more direct than the previous NeoShocker monsters, and his attack is a lot more ferocious.  And all the while General Monster is plotting his big move...

The bike stunts in this episode are of particular note.  Another example of why Showa era stunts can be more exciting than their Heisei counterparts.  Also, Skyrider's last battle with PenicilliuMan turns pretty brutal, and desperate.  But my favorite part of this episode is the sound effect that PenicilliuMan's mold makes when it melts someone.  Ah, so satisfyingly bizarre...

Skyrider episode 15:

The timing of this release is kind of unfortunate, as it is another Shocker plot to attack Japan with earthquakes.  There are a lot of these episodes in the Showa era, and are seen by many experts to be a way of coping through media and entertainment.  Much like post-WWII era Japan had a lot of stories that dealt with the coming of the atomic age, and the repercussions of war.  In a country where many creative minds can take a great tragedy apart, and deconstruct it at a human level, it will be interesting to see how recent events in Japan present themselves in their movies, music, and TV over the years to come.

So we're getting closer to Skyrider's part 1 climax.  Things are getting more serious, and a final showdown is getting ready to take place.  But that's not the only release we have for you this week!  Keep your eyes out for an extra special release, soon!

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