Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kamen Rider Hibiki 02

While visiting family on Yaku Island, the shy and reserved Asumu Adachi met a man that just so happened to be a superhero.  Or is he?  Maybe he's just a regular guy that seems to have found his niche in life, no matter how exciting that niche may be.  Contemplating this development will have to wait, because there is nothing more terrifying than a giant spider chasing after you in a creepy forest.

Hibiki episode 02:

This episode had a lot of corrections from the existing scripts.  One of which might not seem very significant on the surface, but adds a whole level of subtext to the show.  Granted, it was one that was assumed for the most part, but now it's more clearly acknowledged by the script.  Very neat stuff.

When I say "a lot of corrections" that might seem like an understatement if you've been in contact with me for the past week.  This is an EXTENSIVE project.  I've done more work on this episode than any of the Skyrider or Rider 1 episodes that we've released.  But I'm happy with the results.

I feel like I should offer a disclaimer.  This show is a scrub project.  I am re-translating as much as I can, when I see that there is a mistake.  But I am not the main translator for KITsubs, and my Japanese is very out of practice.  Improving, yes!  But rusty all the same.  As it is, consider this project to be in beta.  So to speak.  If you notice ANY translation errors, please feel free to let us know!  This can be a community project, as I can always go back and improve the scripts.

And big thanks to everyone that's helped out with this project so far.  HeatMetal, Frumix, FortMax, and MaskedShuuyu.  Thanks everyone!  (If I forgot a name, it's because I'm an idiot.  I'll fix it, I swear!)

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