Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kamen Rider Super-1 Episode 03, v2!

Finally moving forward with our Super-1 v2s, and bringing us one step closer to a new release, it's our version 2 release of episode 3!

In this episode, Kazuya uncovered a Dogma plot of pure opulence:  Building a city out of solid gold!  Why?  Because why not.  Can Kazuya stop Electopus and Blue Demon from stealing all of the gold in Death Valley?  And more importantly, can he concentrate on his Kung Fu with Choro's incessant whining in his ear?

Super-1 episode 03(v2):

Did anyone else think that Blue Demon looked familiar?  I did!  So I went and checked, and he's been in a few other Kamen Rider series.  Mostly playing villains.  The actor's name is Shinkai Jobu, and he got his start playing an extra in an episode of Kikaider.  He was also an extra in an episode of Kamen Rider V3, and a teacher in Ultraman Taro.  And he was Fire Draco in an episode of Ultraman 80.  But his most recognizable Tokusatsu role (to KITsubs fans, anyway) would be WolfMan, from episode 19 of Skyrider!  He was credited as "The man in the trench coat."  He's still alive, and he was active in TV as recently as 2005, in a show called "Party" on TBS.  His bio says that he's known as having "the natural face of a villain" in TV, but a heart of a good friend behind the scenes.  Very cool stuff!

Episode 04v2 will be coming very soon, and then we can FINALLY expect episode 05 after that.  Also, if you check our status bar on the side, we've got plenty more Skyrider and Kamen Rider lined up for you guys.  Thanks for watching, as always!


  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest when they're done.

  2. Hey Jeeg, saw on /m/ you were having a crappy night, so I decided to pop in and say that your posts typically do the job of brightening MY day, as do your releases, and that while we all have our off days, you should know that you deserve much better for doing us such a fantastic service.

    Oh, and there's a new download, too? DOWNLOADING SO HARD!