Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kamen Rider Super-1 Episode 02, v2!

Part 2 of Kazuya Oki's origin as Kamen Rider Super-1.  The deadly Saruwatari is running around Tokyo, smashing up Dojos and picking on be-hatted Motorcycle Shop Oweners.  But Kazuya can't transform into Super-1.  What he needs... is the power of Kung-Fu!  Can he unlock the secrets of The Sincere Shaolin Fist in time?!

Super-1 episode 02 (v2):

Last episode we met one of my favorite characters from any show we've done, Professor Henry.  He really makes an impact for such a short lived character, with his exaggerated hand gestures, and his unique line delivery.  He's a German-born, half Swedish and half Japanese actor named Wolf Otsuki (Real name, Wolf Georgi.  That's right, the WOLF part isn't even a stage name!)

He's been in a few Tokusatsu series, most notably of which is Daitetsujin 17, where he plays an evil professor, and in Kamen Rider Stronger, where he plays King Khazar.  A Middle Eastern royalty that speaks English played by a half Japanese half Swedish actor born in Germany.  Yes.  That is as fantastic as it sounds.

He's still active today, having starred recently in a variety show, and a high school drama.  He's also a frequent stage performer in Japan!  Very cool.

We're going to try to get the rest of these V2 finished out before the our next release, that way we can finally release Super-1 05.  So check back in soon!  If we don't get the V2s done in time for next week's release, we'll still have something cool for you.


  1. Jeegman, you've done it again. Subs are good and so is Super-1. Uchuu kitaaaa!

    Also, that Stronger episode you brought up with Otsuki as King Khazar? That one always makes me giggle, but it's even funnier now that I know this man's ethnicity and why he actually didn't just look like a Japanese man with a turban. Talk about culture shock!