Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 21!

Part 2 of Skyrider's first encounter with another Kamen Rider.  Can Stronger and Skyrider stop JellyFission and RhinoDump's two-pronged attack on Tokyo?  Admiral Demon has a trick up his sleeve to make sure that they fail.  Will they be able to overcome his cunning new plan?  (Yeah, probs...)

This is also the first time we officially hear our hero referred to as "Skyrider."

Skyrider episode 21:

    Here's an interesting bit of trivia from Sky79, who found this information while researching something on the japanese wikipedia entry for Skyrider:  Apparently, Skyrider's signature move, the Rider Break (which is featured at the end of Let's Go Kamen Riders!) was written into the show because of a small accident.
    It seems that Hiroshi Tsukuba's actor, Hiroaki Murakami, didn't have a motorcycle license when he auditioned for Skyrider.  He didn't even know how to ride a motorcycle.  But being able to ride a motorcycle was (obviously) required for the role, so the producers told him to try anyway.
    And as the story goes, he rode the bike into a crowd of people and couldn't stop, almost crashing into a wall.  The producers, having just witnessed what could have been a horrible accident, decided that it would make a really awesome ability for the Rider to have.  So so, the Rider Break was born!

    And speaking of trivia, Skyrider's training sequence here is one you might recognize.  Plenty of riders have used an aerial flip to power up a Rider Kick.  But why does it work?  Well, in the original series, the turbine in the belt powered the Rider.  It cause Hongo to transform, and it gave him more power when he's fighting an enemy.  An aerial flip spins the turbine even more, powering up the impact of the Rider Kick!  We even see this referenced in more recent series, most notably of which in Kuuga, where we get a very Showa-esque training sequence where Godai improves his own finishing move!

Sorry for being so long winded... it's been a long time since I dropped a trivia bomb on all of you!
Keep your eyes out this week for Super-1 v2s.  If I can finish them before next week's release, I'll have a brand new episode of Super-1 waiting for you!


  1. You accidentally tagged this as Super-1 instead of Skyrider. Just so you know.

  2. Ha! Well, that's one mistake I wasn't expecting. Thanks for the heads up. It was probably in anticipation of tonight's release (yeah... that'll work...)