Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kamen Rider Episode 21!

Round 2, Kamen Rider vs. ToxicMothra.  The final showdown!

After a notable absence, Taki is back in action this episode!*  And he's ready to help Ichimonji stop Shocker's plot to unleash a swarm of poisonous moths on Japan.  And Goro has plans to dress like a lady, and discover that he's pretty comfortable in a dress.  It's a double cross-dressing double cross!

I absolutely love ToxicMothra's design in this episode.  Then again, I'm always pretty fond of Toei's poisonous moth designs.  That's probably why Inazuman is one of my favorite Tokusatsu shows ever...
Oh, and if you're a fan of collateral damage, this is the episode for you.  Some smashed property and exploded buildings are waiting for you!

Kamen Rider episode 21:

There was an error with the AVI, so we're reuploading it now.  Check back soon! It's up!

*Don't ask me for a source, but I read that Taki's actor was injured on set during these episodes, hence his absence in episode 20.  This is also why you can see him limping, or filmed from the waist up in certain scenes.  He was injured 5 times in the years he was filming Akumaizer 3, Robot Detective K, and Kamen Rider!  Once I find proper English sources, I'll link them.

Check back next week for a quick return to Skyrider, as we bring you the dramatic conclusion of last episode's huge cliffhanger!

Update: There's a typo in the episode at 22:46, it says "plan" instead of "plane."  The script is correct, but the episode has the typo in it.  It's not really a big enough reason to do a v2 release, but we'll definitely correct it for the batch torrent in the future. 


  1. If you want an explanation on the character's absence from the group (note I said the character not the actor) maybe you can just assume he was spending time with his wife that he never even mentions. They didn't get a divorce off screen did they?

  2. I wonder if I can use scripts to translate kamen rider in Spanish

  3. @megagreen335 - I've joked, but I genuinely DON'T remember if it's EVER mentioned again. Then again, it's been a long time since I've watched that far ahead.

    @mranimefan95 - I've said yes to a few other groups, so sure. Go ahead! Just give us a little credit for any English speaking fans!