Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kamen Rider Super-1 Episode 01, v2!

Going back to one of the projects we started out on has been a lot of fun.  It's always bothered me that we never updated these scripts, or released hardsubbed versions of them.  So I had some free time, and I decided to do both at once.

Seeing this, it makes me even more sad that we dropped Super-1.  It will be a year since we released episode 04, in two weeks.  And now I'm wondering if it really was necessary to drop it.  I mean, SOME episodes are better than NO episodes, right?

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself.  We'll discuss that some more in a few weeks.
Until then, enjoy these MEN OF SCIENCE and their quest to conquer space with things that probably won't work in space, like FLAME THROWERS and FREEZING GAS and MOTORCYCLES.
And Kung Fu.  But I'm pretty sure that works ANYWHERE.

Super-1 episode 01 (v2):

We'll release the other 3 episodes soon, on their own schedule.  Pretty much whenever I get a chance to finish them.  And come back tomorrow night for our regular release, Skyrider episode 19!  We're building up to an electrifying appearance!


  1. Thank you for coming back to this. I hope you can complete the series. Now that Fourse is happening, it's put me back into the space mood.

  2. I won't say anything for certain, but it's definitely not going to be one of our regular projects. HOWEVER, with that said... I did move it from "Dropped Projects" to "Side Projects" on our release page.

    Again, the idea that SOME releases are better than NONE. We'll definitely see more Super-1, but it might not be on a regular basis.

  3. I think you should just keep up with your interchanging Kamen Rider season 1 and Skyrider releases, then start regularly releasing Super-1 once Skyrider is finished.

  4. Electrifying experience eh? Sounds like the introduction of someone even stronger than Skyrider.


  5. I think Andrew has the right idea.

  6. We plan to do that anyway, but every once in a while it's fun for some of us to work on a different series for a little bit. Also, we might have outside help willing to work on a series like Super-1, that doesn't have a strict release schedule.

    Either way, no series will get in the way of our regular Skyrider and Rider 1 releases!

  7. Seems like a great compromise to me. I think just about anyone who's had the most basic training in mathematics would agree that some episodes are indeed better than no episodes. Looking forward to being surprised with the occasional Super 1 episode along with the regular Kamen Rider and Skyrider episodes!

    And thanks again for your service to mankind. All three of these series are fantastic!

  8. I am having trouble with this. Every time I click on the link it sends me to a website for Internet VS Hollywood. I don't even get the chance to download the clip