Monday, June 20, 2011

Kamen Rider Skyrider Episode 09!

This week's episode...  is not the second part of Kamen Rider 2's debut.  Sorry.  However, instead we have a really great new episode of Skyrider!  CobraMan gathers up world class athletes from all over the world (Japan) to assemble "History's Greatest Murderous Army."  Whatever that means.  In the process, we get a really great "Dojo-Killer" story, some great martial arts scenes, and the baddest of the bad human forms a NeoShocker monster has EVER had.  This guy is pretty slick!  I can't find any information on the actor that played CobraMan's human form, but if anybody can find anything, let me know.  This guy is awesome.

UPDATE:  So UK Windom posted this on /m/, in reference to the actor that portrayed CobraMan's human form.  It turns out...  He's a Kamen Rider LEGEND!  Check after the cut for more.

Skyrider episode 09:

Check after the cut for episode Trivia!
UPDATE:  So UK Windom posted this on /m/, in reference to the actor that portrayed CobraMan's human form.  It turns out...  He's a Kamen Rider LEGEND!

A quick tour to jp Wikipedia reveals that the mysterious sunglasses man is played by Nakayashiki Tetsuya.

His on-screen acting role list is rather... unimportant, since he only plays random monster and goons here and there with notable exception of playing Mikage on ZX special. Guess that explains why Mikage's design looks so badass in Spirits.

But then when you realize he's a stuntman and suit actor, you'll see that he is the suit actor for the first 9 Showa era rider (excluding Riderman), from Rider 1 during Fujioka's accident to Super-1. He's also the suit actor for other tokusatsu series, like Arashi from Henshin Ninja Arashi, Barom One, Goranger's Aoranger, etc.

Wiki says he earned the nickname 'Mister Kamen Rider', and I have to say he deserved it.
Also, this week, we have some pretty extensive trivia on General Monster's actor, Shinzou Hotta.  All thanks to our forum contributor, Scissors Jaguar.  Much to my joy, Hotta is known for his villain roles.  He really chews up scenery when he's on screen.  Some notable Tokusatsu appearances are:

Iron King - as Taro Shiranui, leader of the Shiranui clan (Pick up the DVD set on, it's great, and dirt cheap!)
Ninja Captor - as lead villain Restufuu Fuuma
Episode 25 of Space Sheriff Sharivan
Episode 7 of Tokkei Winspector
And many more!
His most recent Tokusatsu guest appearance was in episode 33 of Timeranger, as the human form of that episode's monster.
But instead of listening to me hastily summarize the post, why not head over to the forums and check it out for yourself?  It's a really great read, and some interesting background on a great character actor!  (There are some not-quite-specific spoilers about Skyrider, so read at your own risk!)

Thanks for watching, as always.  Next week is the second part of Kamen Rider 2's debut, Kamen Rider 15!

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