Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kamen Rider episode 28!

Kamen Rider episode 28:
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What classic science fiction series would be complete without a Mole-Men episode?
    In this episode, Shocker is abducting people and turning them into cybernetic mole slaves to dig beneath Japan's oil refineries.  Why?  To blow them up, of course!  In their history of crazy plots... this one actually kind of makes sense (minus the mole men, of course.)
    This episode also has a particularly brutal sword fighting scene where, you guessed it, Rider 2 grabs hold of a Shocker grunt's sword.  But then things escalate pretty quickly, and it turns into one of the best fight scenes we've seen yet!
   And of course, more Colonel Zol being a generally awesome villain.

    Also with this episode, I'd like to introduce two new staff members on the original Kamen Rider!  Along with Sky79 and me, Steel A Jeeg, we now have HeatMetal from Over-Time doing TL checks and helping with editing and Scissors Jaguar (or 鋏ジャガー, actually!) from the /m/subs forums timing and working on rough drafts!
    We've worked with HeatMetal before, his TL checks are great, and we're happy to have him as a semi-regular member of the team!  And  it's nice to see Scissor Jaguar lending a hand to a Rider instead of killing their families...  Well, that, and timing is an incredibly time consuming and important part of the job!

And keep an eye out this episode during the eyecatch.  We're trying something new, born from my eternal love of Rider trivia.  I hope you enjoy it!

Come back next week for Kamen Rider 29, and soon after for Stronger 27 and Super-1 05.

PS: It's been brought to my attention that we've been using an uncommon font for our episode titles!  If you see BIG BLOCKY TEXT for the episode titles on our mkv releases, then you'll need this font.  It's a small file, and a quick install.  I'll be embedding this file in our mkv releases from now on!
KITsubs titlecard font

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  1. Yay Scissors Jaguar helping for KR's release :D BTW, thanks Kitsubs and I really miss watching Kamen Rider.