Thursday, April 28, 2011

Secret Project - Let's Go Kamen Riders Net Movies!

It wasn't much of a secret, after a while.  It was spoiled on HJU, JEFusion, /m/, twitter...  the list goes on.  But that's ok!  Because I like surprises.  For this release, given how short each episode is, I thought it would be FUN STUFF to include embedded videos along with the AVI release.  So enjoy!

All downloads for the net movies will be in avi format.  No mkv release, because of the file format the original video available in.  Scripts are available, but they won't work with any currently available raws, so I'll wait to release them until DVD rips pop up.

Coming up next is Skyrider 8! 


  1. Dammit Toei. First in Decade and now here.

    I swear if they show RX's Revolcane one more time without the lightsaber effect I'm going to write an angry letter.

    I'm really sick of seeing RX fighting with a piece of pipe.

  2. Well, we'll always have it in All Riders at least... we'll always have that... le sigh.