Friday, April 28, 2017

We're Moving!

We're back! and new releases are coming VERY soon!
Look for episode 45 of Kamen Rider tonight!
This isn't a one-off release, we are coming out of hiatus. So expect a lot more, soon!

But with a new season, comes new changes. And we've outgrown our Blogspot page! (or rather, it keeps tripping spam filters...) so we're moving! The first few weeks of releases will be available on both pages, but by next month we hope to fully transition over to the new site!

Here's the link, and we hope you check back in later for episode 45 of Kamen Rider

KITsubs - New Site!


  1. So far, Episode 45 doesn't seem available yet on DDL. It gets you to the Megaupload website main page, but no download.

    1. We posted an update over at the new site. Mega is finicky at times, and we had a contributor recommend using a program that helps with downloading. We linked it on the new site!

  2. Faith heavily restored in humanity!