Saturday, October 18, 2014

Akumaizer-3 episode 08!

Akumaizer-3 episode 08:
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Ever since the Akumaizers swore to defend humanity from the threat of the Downworld Invaders, it's been an uphill battle getting people to accept them.  But what happens when Dogura uses the very innocents that Zabitan and the rest have sworn to protect against them?!  The team doesn't agree on how to deal with this new threat, and their friendship is in jeopardy.  Will they be able to stop Dogura in time before he creates a worldwide oil shortage?

Another great episode focusing on the central theme of Akumaizer; what it means to be a hero.  In many ways, this episode best shows all three characters perspectives on that meaning.  Gabura's friendly dependability, Iburi's passion to defeat his enemy no matter the cost, and Zabitan's devotion to protecting the innocent.

And of course, there's the great action scenes and soundtrack (love that jazzy electric guitar) that make these shows so incredible.  Enjoy!

And come back very soon for the next episode of Kamen Rider Drive, and the final episode of Kamen Rider Stronger!


  1. Now that KR stronger is finished, are you going to speed up with Akumaizer3 ?

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  3. Please go on with this beautiful series, thank you for your work

  4. Can't wait for more of this series! Absolutely loving these!! Thanks again & again.

    If anyone is interested in working on Toei's Captain Ultra, I'm sure I have the full series on Laser Disc.