Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kamen Rider episode 30!

Kamen Rider episode 30:
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And we're back!
This episode starts off with a HUGE factual error (you'll see, check the script for the real deal) and quickly escalates to Shocker admitting that their science is based less in logic than it is in "wtf" factor.  We also get to see one of the most disgusting special attacks in Shocker Cyborg history.

This episode also features some great Colonel Zol scenes.  If you didn't love him before, you will now.  But he might actually be upstaged by our plucky Scientist-of-the-Week and his table turning twist on Shocker's treachery!

So, where have we been?  Well, as I mentioned last week, it's been a busy time.  The specifics are unimportant.  Definitely uninteresting.  It's summer, things are busy, people are traveling, etc... You know the drill.  But we're taking a new translator on a test run with a new script, we've got more staff than ever, and we're ready to get some episodes out.  Don't expect regular weekly releases just yet, but they'll be back very soon.  And our next release won't take as long as this one did.

As for WHAT that next release is... we'll see!  We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline, and we'll see what we finish next.  As always, we really appreciate your patience and we love bringing these episodes to you.  Thanks for all of your support!


  1. Original, Sky Rider, Super-1... I really don't mind which series gets an episode next, since I love 'em all equally! Any Shouwa is good Shouwa, since they're so rarely discussed compared to Heisei.

  2. Hey, nice to see another episode! I usually follow your releases through /m/, but this time I didn't see it... Anyway, thanks!

  3. We've been having trouble releasing on /m/ lately. I might try it again for this week's release, though